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Zhou Zekai (周泽楷) is an eSports player of Glory, who debuted in Season 5. He is the user of Cloud Piercer and the current captain of Samsara. He won Season 8 and Season 9 of the Glory Championships, where he was awarded MVP. After he took over control of Cloud Piercer, people started to recognize it and gave it the title 'Great Gunner'.[1]


He is exceptionally handsome which makes him an attractive face for sponsors.[2]


Zhou Zekai is a shy person. He doesn't actually enjoy receiving attention. In fact, excessive attention makes him feel even shyer.[3] This can be seen on multiple occasions during interviews, in which he barely speaks. His short and terse replies to questions make him difficult to interview.[4]

Although he is not good at expressing his thoughts, his personality and flair in-game contradict this. When playing, he has an exceptional ability to excite the crowd.[5]


  • Zhou means "week, periphery, circumference, cycle, Zhou Dynasty, circuit, all/all-around/all over, attentive, thoughtful, whole, help out" (周).
  • Zekai means "lake, benefit/benefaction/beneficence, water/water area, benevolence, blessing, loch, lough, mere" (泽) (ze) and "model, norm, make" (楷) (kai).

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