Zhang Yiwei (张益玮) is a former eSports player of Glory that played for Samsara and retired at the end of Season 6. He made his debut during Season 2 of the Glory Professional Alliance using Cloud Piercer. He is the coach of Mysterious Fantasy.


When Ye Xiu called him 'Great Gunner' during their meeting in the Challengers League, he said that he dare not live up to such a title since he was not the one who made that name renowned in the Alliance.

However, he likes to taunt his opponents when they are in a disadvantageous spot, and play dirty tricks on them. This can be seen when he sneered at Happy after they lost to a grassroots team and were about to get eliminated.[1]


After Zhou Zekai's arrival in Season 5, he left the team and retired when his contract expired at the end of Season 6.[2]

Sometime before the start of Season 7, he was randomly recruited by Mysterious Fantasy's boss to serve as the coach of the team.



As Mysterious Fantasy's coach, Zhang Yiwei was able to keep the team afloat in the Pro League for 2 years, before getting relegated in Season 8.

In the Season 9 Challenger League, the team made it to the offline stage. Zhang Yiwei's team was placed in Group B, and was eliminated by Happy. Two days after Mysterious Fantasy was eliminated by Happy, he stepped down from his position as coach in the team.

In the Season 10 Challengers League, Zhang Yiwei reappears with Mysterious Fantasy. His team loses in the Grand Finals against Excellent Era.[3]

Skills and Abilities

As a Sharpshooter, Zhang Yiwei was extremely skilled at using Gun Fu, to the point that it became his specialty and playstyle.


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