Zhang Xinjie (张新杰) is the vice-captain of Tyranny and is Han Wenqing's colleague and teammate, as well as the second user of Immovable Rock.[1] He is one of the Four Master Tacticians and a member of the Chinese Glory Team. He debuted in Season 4.



Much like Han Wenqing, he is strict and serious. With him, everything has to punctual. This is reflected from his strict schedule. He sleeps at 11pm daily and goes for a daily morning walk from 6.30am to 7.30am.[2] This can be seen when Ye Xiu and Huang Shaotian were about to fight, but it was his bedtime, so he logged off.[3] He is upright, even refusing to transfer to Wind Howl in Season 10, despite the bait of 25 million yuan. He doesn't chase after a pointless competition if he doesn't need to.[4]

He also doesn't jump to conclusions. Although his deductions are accurate, unless he is 100% sure, he will not make any claims. His intelligence and tactical ability grant him the title of "Master Tactician" which places him alongside the likes of Ye Xiu, Yu Wenzhou, and Xiao Shiqin.


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