Skills and Abilities

Skills and Abilities

Due to his tactical ability, he is known as one of the four Master Tacticians along with Ye Xiu, Zhang Xinjie, and Xiao Shiqin. His tactical ability can be seen during All-Star weekend when he managed to find all the dead angles of Team Two and launch a surprise attack on them.[1] His tactics rely on baiting the enemy, and then seizing the opportunity.[2]

His hand-speed is slow and was deemed unfit for eSports. Due to his crippled hands, he is able to last longer in the eSports scene than other players. His hand-speed is still above 200 APM. [3]

Abilities Rating
Tactics ★★★★★
Awareness ★★★★★
Stability ★★★★★
Handling ★★★★★
Popularity ★★★★★★


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