Yu Wenzhou (喻文州) is an eSports player, who made his debut during Season 4 of Glory, the captain of Blue Rain and the user of Swoksaar. He is one of the Four Master Tacticians and is part of the Golden Generation. He will be the captain of China's representative team in the First World Glory Championships.



Yu Wenzhou is very well-mannered and smiles often. He is easy-going and patient.[1] The novel describes him to be very composed. He does not feel discouraged when he is looked down upon, neither was he proud when he proved his strength in a match against Wei Chen. Even after Wei Chen retired and became their opponents, he still respectfully addresses him as Captain Wei.[2]

As Huang Shaotian's teammate and captain, Yu Wenzhou has lots of understanding towards him. For example, he knows the types of reporter questions that can cause Huang Shaotian to lose his cool, and forbid Huang Shaotian from reacting to them.

Yu Feng notes that Yu Wenzhou is skilled at motivational speeches, and could lift the team's spirits even when the situation was unfavorable. [3]


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