Yu Feng (于锋) is an eSports player of Glory, who debuted in Season 6. He was a member of Blue Rain before transferring to Hundred Blossoms, where he replaced Zou Yuan as captain.



Yu Feng is an ambitious player, who wanted to become a core player for Blue Rain, but never got his opportunity. He joined Hundred Blossoms to prove that he has the skill and leadership to be the absolute core player for a strong team.[1] He gave up money and fame at Blue Rain to achieve higher status as a Hundred Blossoms player and captain.[2] He craves attention and importance, to the point where he dreamed about Blue Rain's fans hating him as much as Hundred Blossoms' fans hated Zhang Jiale.[3]

Yu Feng thrives under pressure.[3] Despite being captain, he has no particular aptitude for motivational speeches [4].


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