You saw clearly, spoke well, planned well, but in the end because of a single unexpected accident, your dreams and hopes all disappeared into nothing leaving only this incomplete Myriad Manifestation Umbrella to me.

—Ye Xiu , Chapter 7

Ye Xiu (叶修) is an eSports player of Glory. He is the former user of One Autumn Leaf and the former captain of Excellent Era. He was also the captain of Happy and is the current user of Lord Grim. He is the leader of the Chinese Glory Team, bringing no account card, but is filling in for anyone who is unable to play. Ye Xiu is known as the 'Glory Textbook', as well as one of the Four Master Tacticians.


As noted by Chen Guo, Ye Xiu has a fair complexion. His face is pale and slightly puffy because he usually stays up late.[1] He does not pay much attention to his appearance. However, Ye Xiu is noted to have beautiful hands. His hands are lean with long fingers, clear joints, and clean nails.[2]


Ye Xiu tends to make others angry since he speaks really straightforward. He can be quite blunt and gets to the point of sarcastic. This can be seen quite a bit through his interactions with Chen Guo, Xu Boyuan and Wei Chen.[3]

He also doesn't get angry or frustrated in situations where others might, for example, his first meeting with Sleeping Moon and the events that followed afterward.[4] He has displayed, multiple times, tremendous patience whether it's waiting for a situation to arise or coaching a player.

Ye Xiu tends to smoke a lot. This gets to the point where if he doesn't, his head starts to hurt.[2] He doesn't care too much about his living space, as long as he has one.[1]

According to Su Mucheng, Ye Xiu does not say what he really feels, which makes his thoughts unreadable.[5]

Contrary to popular belief, Ye Xiu is not arrogant, and chatted and even played Glory with everyone including the janitor when he was in Excellent Era.[6]


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