Ye Qiu (叶秋) is the younger twin brother of Ye Xiu. When Ye Xiu registered to be a pro player, he used Ye Qiu's identification instead. He has no interest in video games.


Unlike his brother, Ye Qiu wears refined clothing and has a pristine appearance. Their faces are strikingly similar, but their builds and hair styles are different. Ye Qiu also has good posture.[1]


He speaks formally and politely, which makes him an amicable person to talk with.[1] However, Ye Qiu argues with his brother, but all in goodwill.[2]


He initially intended to run away from home, and he had a bag packed and ready to go. Before Ye Qiu could leave, his brother found the bag and ran away instead.


Volume 4: All-Star Weekend

Ye Qiu goes to the Happy Internet Cafe and learns that Chen Guo is Ye Xiu’s boss. Ye Qiu tells his twin brother, Ye Xiu, to go home and celebrate New Year’s together with the family. Ye Qiu is furious when Ye Xiu reminds him that he ran away before Ye Qiu could.[1] Ye Qiu is given a tour of the Internet cafe by Chen Guo. Ye Qiu chooses to stay for a night and to sleep on the sofa on the second floor. On the first floor, Ye Qiu argues with Ye Xiu to help Chen Guo organize her recent purchases. When Ye Xiu refuses to help, Ye Qiu helps organize Chen Guo’s holiday purchases.[2]

Ye Qiu is given a red envelope by Chen Guo. When Ye Qiu sees the food, he likes all the food that Ye Xiu bought. Ye Qiu drinks Chen Guo’s alcohol. Ye Qiu gets drunk and passes out on the table. Two hours later, Ye Qiu wakes up. With the help of Ye Xiu and Chen Guo, Ye Qiu is moved upstairs and onto Ye Xiu’s bed.[3] The next morning on New Year’s Eve, Ye Qiu sets up the dining table. He goes onto a computer. Ye Qiu gets surprised by Su Mucheng’s party popper. Ye Qiu checks the structure of the party popper and explains to Chen Guo that the used party popper is unfixable. After Ye Xiu walks onto the first floor, Ye Qiu leaves the Internet cafe.[4]



  • Similarly to Ye Xiu, he has low tolerance for alcohol.[3]


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