Yang Cong (杨聪) is an eSports player of Glory. He is the captain of 301 Degrees. He is the user of Scene Killer, the best Assassin in Glory, as well as the best player for 301 Degrees.[1] He debuted in Season 3.[2]



According to Ye Xiu, Yang Cong is a troublesome opponent because his play style is shrewd and ruthless.[3]

Yang Cong does not take risky maneuvers, such as killing an opponent in one hit using Life-Rising Strike. However, he did that during the Season 10 All-Star Weekend against Lu Boyuan as he knew that it would be his last time participating in it.[4] After the All-Star Weekend, Yang Cong began doing this more often as his team began searching for a new core due to him becoming older.[5] When questioned by reporters why he did not play using such a style earlier in his career, he said that it was because he is 301 Degrees' Captain, implying that he sacrificed his own playstyle for his team like Wang Jiexi, but without much recognition from others.


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