Xu Bin (许斌) is an eSports player of Glory, who debuted in Season 6. He is a former member of 301 Degrees and a current member of Tiny Herb. He is the user of Angelica, the First Knight of the Pro Alliance, and holds the nickname "Grind King“ due to his fighting style.[1]



Xu Bin is patient; his fighting style requires a lot of patience as it is centered around the strategic idea of "grinding” the opponent until they become irritated, frustrated, or exhausted.[1]

As a teammate, he is very reliable and modest. His skills are considered pretty good among the top pro gamers, and his tactics are not bad. But even so, he wasn't much appreciated by the fans when he was in 301 Degrees. It was only after some time when he transfers to Tiny Herb that the fans realize that he was an essential player to 301 Degrees.


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