Xiao Shiqin (肖时钦) is an eSports player of Glory, who debuted in Season 4. He is the captain of Thunderclap. He transferred to Excellent Era before Season 9 with a one year contract, but returned to his former team after losing against Happy in the Challengers League finals.


He has brown hair and brown eyes. The novel mentions that he wears glasses due to having relatively bad eyesight.


Due to his experience as a captain, he knows how to appease the crowd. He uses his tactical ability to try and keep up with the rest of the other top Glory teams.

Before rejoining Thunderclap, he lacked confidence when leading his team, due to him having the mentality of leading a weak team. This led to him being indecisive when leading a powerhouse like Excellent Era. He was only confident in situations he should have won.[1]


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