Wu Xuefeng (吴雪峰) is a retired Esports player of Glory. He is the former vice-captain of Excellent Era, and used the account Qi Breaker. During his time, he was much older than other players of the game, even older than Wei Chen. Because of this, he retired relatively early, after Season 3.




According to Wei Chen, shortly after he retired, he migrated to another country.[1]

When Wu Xuefeng was in Excellent Era, many people did not see his importance within the team, and thought that he was just lucky enough to be Ye Qiu's partner. Some people even thought that he was an amateur and was not an expert. His existence and contributions were not noticed and recognised, and he was frequently left out in media reports and player discussions.

Skills and Abilities

Wu Xuefeng did not rely on his hand speed to win matches, as he was much older and did not have a superior hand speed. Instead, he outsmarted his opponents in matches in order to gain an advantage by, according to Wei Chen, using his experience, awareness, accurate judgments and his precise techniques. This can be seen in the match between the two God-Level Accounts One Autumn Leaf and Peaceful Hermit.[1]



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