A Mage sub-class that is available once a player reaches level 20. They use magic items to do battle and possess close combat skills,[1] but Witches also have few ways to attack from mid range.[2] They are a class with high attack but low defense. [3]


Staffs: A weapon with very high magic attack.

Wand: A weapon with a fast cast and attack speed.[4]

Brooms: A weapon that is exclusive to Witches only.[1] Brooms allow the Witch to fly and carry out aerial combat after learning Broom Mastery.[5]


Leather Armor [6]


Level Skill Name Description
1 Sweep A skill that knocks enemies into the air. It has the worst knock-up effect of all 24 sub-classes.[7]
Magic Missile A long-ranged attack that contains magical energy.[5]
Doll Shururu A ragdoll that taunts enemies within a 2 meter radius. The taunt effect lasts for 20 seconds or until the doll runs out of HP. The cooldown lasts for 30 seconds. Restrictions:
Doll shururu

Doll shururu in the Manhua

* Doll level cannot be less than enemies attempted to be taunted.
  • Can't taunt Bosses, Elites, or Emperors (This can be bypassed by the Doll Shururu upgrade).[8]

    Doll shururu in the Anime

20 Disperse Powder A powder that, if landed successfully, reduces the targets attack, speed and casting speeds and removes all buffs. The effects of this skill last up to 10 seconds.[5]
Shadow Cloak A grab skill with high priority that has a wide area of attack and binds enemies. The user tosses a black mist-like cloak which wraps around the target. Mostly used to interrupt an enemy attack.[9][10][2]
25 Broom Mastery A skill that allows the user to continue attacking the enemy while flying. It has no cooldown.[5] The distance that can be flown is limited, so the lower a user can fly, the faster they can travel.[11]
Frost Powder A powder that adds ice elemental damage to normal attacks for up to 20 seconds. It has a low chance of slowing the enemy down.[12]
Lava Flask An item that turns the area where it lands into a sea of burning lava.[13] The user tosses a red potion bottle, which cracks and releases an explosion.[14]
  • When used in water, the lava flowing out from the flask makes the water bubble. The water's movement spreads the lava out, polluting the water. If a character touches the flameless lava, they will still take damage.[15]
Lava Flask

Lava Flask in the anime

Acid Rain An item that enables acid to rain from the sky.[16] The user throws a white fog-like item into the air, forming clouds which release blue rain.[14]
Magic Ray (Star Ray) The user summons a star, shooting streaks of light.[17] This skill moves quickly and is very difficult to dodge.[18]
Ice Drill An Ice Elemental attack that summons a drill tool that is launched at a target.[19]
Ice Rain A skill that drops ice elemental rain from the sky.[20]
Broom Tornado A skill that uses the user's broom to sweep the target with a storm of attacks, lifting them into the air, and then forcing them to the ground. It covers a very wide area.[2]
Lightning Chain
Gravity Acceleration Shot
Smoke Stream
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Notable Users

Gao Yingjie

Wang Jiexi

Lin Jie

Zhang Wei

Notable Accounts

Endless Forest

Fiery Blaze

Kind Tree

Lunar Grace

Plantago Seed


Weeping Crow


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