Wei Chen (魏琛) is a retired Esports player, who plays as a Warlock. He is the old captain of Blue Rain and was part of the Happy team that won the Season 10 Championships.[1]


When Chen Guo initially meets Wei Chen, he is unshaven.[2] His account, Windward Formation, has his appearance which is said to have a rough male face with a messy beard.[3]


Wei Chen's personality is quite shameless and gangster-like.[4] When he ends up in a rough situation, he abandons his teammates and runs. This is seen during his first interaction with Ye Xiu in the Heavenly Domain and when Zhang Jiale, plus a few other guilds, decided to kill him when he was commanding Samsara troops. He does a lot of trash talk as seen through his interactions with various people, especially Ye Xiu, and is quite rough when he is angry.

Wei Chen is a decisive person. When Ye Xiu invites him to move into their gaming house, Wei Chen agrees in a few moments.[5]

He does not show any shame at looking at a female's body as seen when he meets Chen Guo and Tang Rou for the first time in person. However, his interest in the game far surpasses any interest in women.

Despite his shamefulness, he puts Glory ahead of other matters. He chose to sell his guide to Samsara and after being introduced to his new teammates, he shifted his focus to the problem of facing Excellent Era in the future.[2] After realizing that they would probably face Excellent Era at some point, he kept worrying about the matter.


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