A Night Walker sub-class that is available once a user reaches level 20. They have no martial arts skill and use cloth armor.[1] Warlocks mainly focus on control. Dealing with Warlocks requires abnormal status resistance, which is affected by Spirit, as they deal abnormal statuses.[2] They don't have much health and their defense is low.[3]







Level Skill Name Description
Curse Arrow A skill that shoots cursed dark energy arrows at an opponent. The user raises their hands and points toward a target, creating a floating chaotic black energy ball which rotates and forms arrows that are released toward a target.[4] This skill can be charged to increase its power. The longer it is charged up, the stronger it becomes and the more arrows are released.[5][4] The base charge is 13, and the maximum charge is 26.[6]
Bind Spell An instant skill that stops the enemy from moving. It does not do any damage.[7]
Cut Spell An instant skill.[8]
Chaotic Rain An AoE skill that inflicts Confusion on any opponent the rain touches.
Shadow Flames A skill that sears off a portion of the enemy's health with Dark Elemental damage, before dealing Fire Elemental damage for 6 seconds every 2 seconds. Every time the Fire Elemental damage triggers, it interrupts any spell that the enemy is casting.[9]
Corrosion Curse
Decaying Curse
Hexagram Prison A skill that seals a target if they touched the purple and black light that formed around them.[10] When maxed, the target would be trapped for a full 9 seconds. As this skill does not give the target a negative status effect, it cannot be dispelled, and status resistance and Spirit would not affect the duration of this skill.[6] Targets outside of the prison can enter it by touching the purple and black light.[11]
Soul Strike
Soul Slice A purple flash occurs as the user sends out several airborne slashes towards their target.[12]
Soul Devourer
Surrender Life
Grasping Ghosts Sends a ghost forward for a duration that damages any enemies it passes through. Once it expires, the ghost will fly back to the user and heal the user for 33% of the damage dealt.[13]
Magic Mirror Summons a magic mirror that reflects all magic attacks away.[14]
Control Spell A skill that allows the user to control whatever touched the black light that was emitted from the caster. The drawback of this skill is that it consumes mana based on the weight of what it controlled. The consumption is even greater if the target is a living thing.[7]
70 Death's Door A complex crowd control skill that uses tentacles to attack and has a high instant burst damage output. While in use, the player cannot perform any other actions. If they receive damage while using it, the skill will automatically deactivate.[15] The ending of the skill pulls the enemies into it, and then explodes.[16] It has a long cast time.[5]
75 Ghost Bind An AOE skill that induces Bleed effect and slows enemies massively once it expires or if the enemy steps out of the AOE. This skill can cancel escaping skill such as Teleport and Rotor Wings.[17]
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Yu Wenzhou

Wei Chen

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