Wang Sheng works in the public relations department of Excellent Era.



Wang Sheng is a methodical man. When he hears rumors of Ye Xiu joining Heavenly Sword, Wang Sheng reveals his step-by-step plan to use the media to ruin Ye Xiu's reputation in the eyes of Excellent Era fans and in the general public.[1]


Volume 5: Deception

Wang Sheng explains to the Excellent Era director that their public relations department will be able word a statement to mitigate the damage from Ye Xiu’s identity as the user of Lord Grim.[1] Wang Sheng releases information to clean up the situation by claiming that Ye Xiu’s retirement is a mystery. Wang Sheng discusses that he does not understand why Ye Xiu would fight against Guild Excellent Dynasty. Wang Sheng declares that Excellent Era and Ye Xiu are still on friendly terms after the forced retirement of Ye Xiu, which the public has no idea about.[2] After seeing the news of Lou Guanning’s formation of Heavenly Sword without Ye Xiu’s inclusion, Wang Sheng is angry yet knows that he cannot prove that Lord Grim is Ye Xiu.[3]

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