Wang Jiexi (王杰希) is an eSports player of Glory, who made his debut in Season 3. He is the user of Vaccaria and the current captain of Team Tiny Herb. He won the 5th and 7th Glory Championships where he was awarded as MVP. He is nicknamed the "Magician" due to his unpredictable and changeable fighting style while using a Witch.


He is nicknamed "Big-Eyed Wang" for having unevenly-sized eyes: his left eye is larger than his right eye.


He is calm and looks at situations as a whole. He takes care of his team and even sacrificed his fighting style to fit with them.

He is also extremely perceptive. During the Season 7 playoffs, after eliminating Excellent Era, he was able to identify that Excellent Era had internal conflicts and that Ye Xiu's skill level had not deteriorated like the media had reported.[1]


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