Beginnings of the Myriad Manifestation Umbrella is the 2nd volume in The King's Avatar series that covers chapters 121-213 on Qidian.


Ye Xiu messages Huang Shaotian over and shows him the method that they are going to use in the dungeon. He shows him how to trap the zombies as well as the 2nd Boss which impresses Huang Shaotian. They finish their practice-strategy run, so then they begin the real run. Their run goes smoothly, and yet again, another System Announcement appears, congratulating the Blue Brook Guild players for setting the new record of 16:24:67. When Liu Hao sees that they have broken his record, he coughs up blood. He looks at Ye Xiu’s team composition and guesses that the person who helped him was Huang Shaotian, so he coughs even more blood. He calls Chen Yehui, afterward, and tells him to deal with the dungeon records himself, and then goes into Sun Xiang’s room to talk to him.

Huang Shaotian walks over to the counter and begins to ask Ye Xiu questions. They first talk about Ye Xiu’s weapon, with Ye Xiu saying that it was created back when Huang Shaotian was still Boss-Stealing. After being reminded of his noob days, he begins to talk about Ye Xiu’s new account and asks him about his retirement. Before he leaves, he tells Ye Xiu that he has to come back to the scene.

Meanwhile, in the 10th Server, while everyone is in shock, Plantago Seed has Tiny Herb’s Captain Wang Jiexi next to him. Plantago Seed controls his character to go to where Lord Grim is. There, Wang Jiexi studies the player’s (Steam Bunned Invasion, Lord Grim, and Soft Mist) gameplay styles. He points out that Lord Grim and Soft Mist are using the crudest style in the game which is One Autumn Leaf’s style. Wang Jiexi takes a seat and controls Plantago Seed’s account to engage the three players in combat. After toying with Soft Mist and Steam Bunned Invasion, and after struggling a bit with Lord Grim, Wang Jiexi leaves, stating that it is Lord Grim that was testing him and not him testing Lord Grim. Speaking to his group, Ye Xiu tells his group that the player that they had engaged was more than likely, Wang Jiexi.[1]


Bao Rongxing (Steamed Bun Invasion)

Deng Fusheng

Gao Yingjie (Weeping Crow)

Huang Shaotian (Flowing Tree)

Liu Hao (Hateful Sword)

Plantago Seed

Qiao Yifan (Ashen Moon/One Inch Ash)

Tang Rou (Soft Mist)

Wang Jiexi (Plantago Seed/Fiery Blaze)

Xu Boyuan (Blue River)

Ye Xiu (Lord Grim)




Chapter Title
121 Godly Skill
122 Liu Hao the Helper
123 Talking to Himself
124 The Crudest Style
125 God Jiexi
126 What Exactly is He Trying to Do?
127 Five Characters
128 Rookie
129 Vanishing Step
130 The Opponent Is Extremely Strong
131 Cover Strategy
132 Team Wiped Out
133 Measuring Skill
134 Tour Group
135 What Unspecialized Means
136 True Unspecialized
137 Encirclement
138 Logout Escape
139 Who’s the Training Partner?
140 Find Me Next Door
141 Wreck and Then Get Wrecked
142 Magician
143 Unexpected Discovery
144 Back and Forth
145 A Bit of Courage is Needed
146 Too Smart
147 Difficult Decision
148 Four Scarlet Moon Parts
149 Bidding War
150 So Nervous He Became A Noob
151 Burning With Anxiety
152 The Bystander Becomes the Deciding Role
153 Exchange Market
154 Where'd These Materials Come From?
155 Overlapping Tracking
156 Power of an Encirclement
157 Running Test
158 He Really is an Expert at KSing
159 Furry Guest
160 Suppressed
161 It Isn't Easy Being an Expert
162 Half the Screen
163 Shot at Even When Lying Down
164 Asking for Help Separately
165 Record Kidnapping
166 I Get a Little Lonely Sometimes Too
167 Taking Back the Record
168 Fire Witch Cashew
169 Skill Interrupt
170 Fire Witch First Kill
171 If I Can Kill It, Why Can't I Kill It?
172 A Well
173 He's No Good For Dungeoning
174Challenge Ignored
175 Three Chances Waiting For You
176 Problems in the Details
177 Dual Linking Ghost Boundaries
178 Their Wishes Finally Came True
179 A Chance for a Comeback
180 The Fastest Launcher
181 In a Flash
182 Consultation
183 Blue Rain Team Captain
184 That's a Strength Too?
185 It's Unfortunate That His Hands Are Handicapped
186 An Unspecialized Character's False Combos
187 Can't Find a Chance
188 Difficult to Say
189 Illusion Swordmaster Ahong
190 The BOSS's Shadow Steps
191 I'm In a Hurry
192 Items Lead to Thinking
193 Idiot's Guide
194 A Not So Simple New Player
195 Pursuit From Every Direction
196 Temporary Alliance
197 Opposite Direction
198 A Bro at the Bottom of a Well
199 The Escape Member: Concealed Light
201 The Trash's End
202 Experiencing It Personally
203 Finally, Some Strategy
204 Bully Cloth
205 You've Been Surrounded
206 Tyrannical Class
207 Your Guides
208 Summoner
209 Whoever Kills the Fewest is the Loser
210 A Beautiful Misunderstanding
211 The Waves Behind Drive the Waves Ahead
212 Doing Their Own Thing
213 A Match In Which the Outcome Is Already Known

Collector's Edition Chapter Names

Chapter Title
1 Boneyard
2 Vanishing Step
3 True Unspecialized
4 Who’s the Training Partner?
5 Try Phantom Demon, Okay?
6 Large Bids
7 Running Test
8 Furry Guest
9 Record Kidnapping
10 Fire Witch First Kill
11 Poplar Beach
12 Dual Linking Ghost Boundaries
13 Identity Exposed
14 An Unspecialized Character's False Combos
15 Illusion Master Ahong
16 Idiot's Guide
17 Kill Lord Grim
18 Word Bubble Attack
19 Strategy
20 The Waves Behind Drive the Waves Ahead


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