Banished Battle God is the 1st volume in The King's Avatar series that covers chapters 1-120 on Qidian.


Ye Xiu is playing Glory while smoking inside his room. Su Mucheng suddenly enters his room and announces the arrival of Sun Xiang. The two leave his room and go to the meeting room where Ye Xiu is told that Sun Xiang is taking over his role as captain of Excellent Era and will be taking control over the Battle Mage account One Autumn Leaf. The manager commands him to hand over the account card, that contains One Autumn Leaf. He pulls out the card and hands it to Sun Xiang, but while doing so, his hand trembles. He asks Sun Xiang if he enjoys playing Glory and should play it for its sake. Sun Xiang yanks the card out of Ye Xiu’s hand. The manager tells him that there are no other Battle Mage’s available for him so he should pick a member to be a training part of. Upon hearing this, Ye Xiu tells him that there is no need as he wants to cancel his contract with Excellent Era. To cancel his contract, Ye Xiu is told that he must retire, to which he agrees to and signs the document. He leaves the meeting room and is chased by Su Mucheng, who is crying, and tells her that he will take a year break before returning to the scene again.

He leaves the establishment and sees Happy Internet Cafe across the street with the lights on. He enters the Cafe and requests a computer. Ye Xiu is given a computer in Area 3 Number 47 and forgets his ID at the counter. He goes over to his assigned computer, but when he gets there, he sees someone is already on the computer while playing Glory as a Launcher. The scene reminds him of Su Mucheng, but when the woman loses her match, she notices Ye Xiu and gives the computer to him. On the computer, the record shows that she has lost 52 times in the Arena without winning once. While walking to the counter, an employee asks her why did she not log off of her account. She sees that Ye Xiu is on the computer, playing on her account and worries that he may do something to her equipment. She runs back to the station, but when she gets there, the Glory sign appears on the screen, displaying the symbol of victory within the Arena. When she sees this, she is surprised. She checks her watch and sees that it only took him 40 seconds to win, but Ye Xiu claims that it would’ve only taken him 30 seconds if his hands weren’t cold. She goes to the counter to find out who he is, thinking he is Ye Qiu since she has never seen Ye Qiu before and only a pro player can defeat an opponent that quickly. She finds out that he isn’t Ye Qiu after snatching the ID from the girl at the counter and returns his ID to him. He asks her about working at the cafe since he sees a flyer online that says they’re looking for workers. He hears that the Tenth Server will be opening tonight, so he pulls out his First Server card, that contains Lord Grim, and requests a transfer to the Tenth Server on the Glory site. She introduces herself as Chen Guo and then hires him as the night shift Network Manager. She shows him the storage room that he can sleep in, but it looks all messy and dirty. He tells her it's fine since it’s good enough.


Ye Xiu logging into Lord Grim, for the first time, in the 10th Server.

They eat a little afterward and they sit next to each other as the countdown for the Tenth Server begins to end. The countdown ends and they log into the Tenth Server while Ye Xiu opens up a guide, much to Chen Guo’s disdain. She finds out that he was a professional gamer, but is currently retired. He tells her that he is Ye Qiu, but Chen Guo laughs and jokes that she is Su Mucheng. He picks up some quests and works on achieving some skill points. When he becomes level 7, he notices that Chen Guo has fallen asleep. He decides on the skills he wants to use first and has some points left over, which he decides to save. He has his character go to a warehouse and opens a storage chest within the warehouse. His hand trembles, much like when he handed One Autumn Leaf to Sun Xiang and goes to his inventory to wield the Silver Weapon Myriad Manifestation Umbrella.

Ye Xiu goes to Green Forest and joins a random party that needs one player. He joins Sleeping Moon, and they decide that if a Hidden Boss appears, the items will be distributed based on a dice roll. The system announces that the Hidden Boss, Midnight Phantom Cat has appeared in the dungeon which shocks the group as they get a Hidden Boss on their first entry. While doing the dungeon, Ye Xiu recalls his past when a friend he once had dungeoned with 10 years ago. He hears the Midnight Phantom Cat, so his senses return back to him. They fight the Hidden Boss, and soon enough, the Midnight Phantom Cat reaches Red Blood, but it keeps going OT (Off-Tank). The other members eventually die, leaving only Sleeping Moon and Lord Grim. Sleeping Moon keeps yelling at Ye Xiu to heal him, but he doesn’t. He exposes Sleeping Moon’s intentions of wanting to solo the boss and take everything for himself. Sleeping Moon attempts to make a deal with him but eventually dies after Ye Xiu continues to refuse to heal him. He ends up killing the Midnight Phantom Cat and gets the First Kill on the Tenth Server.

He leaves the dungeon and looks for a new team. He sees that Sleeping Moon and his friends are slandering him in the World Chat; thus, making it difficult for him to find a party. He finds Sleeping Moon and the Full Moon Guild and tells them to add him to their party. Although they don’t want to at first, they add him to the party and make a plan to let Lord Grim die in the dungeon but instead witness him killing off numerous enemies without the need of their help. After seeing things not working out, they decide to wait and let him die at the next dungeon, Spider Cave, once they all reached level 10. Ye Xiu becomes the second player to reach level 10 (Blue River being the first).

Once they all become level 10, they travel to Spider Cave and witness Ye Xiu’s skill again after he combos a monster 4 times in the air. They make it to the first Boss and two players get poisoned. Ye Xiu takes command and tells the two poisonless players, Sleeping Moon and Seven Fields, where to stand. He then begins giving commands to everyone on how to attack the Boss. They kill the boss quickly thanks to Ye Xiu’s commanding and the second Boss dies just as quickly as the first. They engage the final Boss, soon afterward who has the abilities of the first and second Boss, but that doesn’t stop them from easily killing the boss. The System Announcement appears and announces the first clear of the dungeon to Ye Xiu’s group. They beat Blue Brook Guild by 10 seconds in clearing the dungeon, who were become saddened by this announcement. They enter the dungeon again and find out that the Hidden Boss, Spider Emperor, has appeared in the cave. They beat everything without a problem and end up near the Spider Emperor’s room. Ye Xiu quickly looked at a guide, which shocks the party. He tells them the plan, but they say that they have never heard such a method from a guide before. He tells them that it is the method that he decided on based on the composition of the party. He uses his weapon to shoot inside and awakens the Boss, so they begin fighting with Ye Xiu helping them adjust their rhythm in stunning the Boss. Once it reaches Red Blood, he tells them to kill it off quickly while setting up little spiders for them to crush whenever the aggro would switch over to another player. This allows them to turn invincible for a short time after being bitten by the little spiders. Using this tactic, the Emperor Spider dies and the System Announcement for the first Spider Emperor kill is announced. Chen Guo wakes up and to her surprise, Ye Xiu is still awake and is almost level 18. She sees the situation and notices that he is playing with Sleeping Moon. He explains the situation to her and goes to sleep.

Later that day, when Ye Xiu wakes up and walks downstairs, the Internet Cafe is playing a video of Ye Qiu, whose retirement is announced, and One Autumn Leaf. This video goes over Ye Qiu’s achievements, battles, his retirement, etc. When the credits begin rolling, Ye Xiu goes outside and sees that Chen Guo is crying. He speaks to her a bit and then goes to eat. He returns back and speaks to Chen Guo about him starting his job officially. When it is time for him to work, he switches with the employee at the counter and logs himself into Glory.

He meets up with the players from Full Moon Guild that he had previously played with (minus Sleeping Moon who became depressed after hearing Ye Qiu retired). They decide to go to Skeleton Graveyard to train since they are missing a player. He studies what he still needs to upgrade the Myriad Manifestation Umbrella before lamenting about how much of a struggle it is. While dungeoning with Seven Fields, Drifting Water and Sunset Clouds, he makes a mistake while fighting low-level monster after seeing Chen Guo wearing a facial mask. She speaks to Ye Xiu about Ye Qiu and his retirement, but it doesn’t seem as if Ye Xiu is paying attention to what she is saying. This leads to Chen Guo in becoming furious and tells him to come play with her on the Tenth Server. He tells her to go level since she is still level 1 and cannot enter any dungeons with him. With the Full Moon Guild, on their 3rd run at Skeleton Graveyard, they run into the Hidden Boss Skeleton Warrior. Ye Xiu has Chen Guo look up a guide for him on this Hidden Boss. He tells her to search on how to get the Saber to drop 100% of the time. She finds the guide and tells him that he needs to hit it 24 times, and shows him where he needs to strike. He quickly looks at it and attacks the Skeleton Warrior’s buckle 24 times, but to Chen Guo, it looks as if Ye Xiu only attacked it 20 times. Ye Xiu tells her that he had used Double Stab 4 times, which makes it 24 hits. After the 24 hits, the other 3 join in on the attack and they kill it. It drops the Saber that Ye Xiu wanted and he picks it up. They later picked up a female player, Immersed Jade, who plays as an Assassin.

She is a noob who makes a lot of beginner's mistakes. Although the other members were afraid Ye Xiu would grow impatient with her, he steadily guides her and explains the details to her thoroughly if she has trouble understanding. After reaching level 20, Ye Xiu leaves the group with Lord Grim. Before he leaves, they ask him if he is going to change classes, to which he said not now. He then logs into Chasing Haze, while still controlling Lord Grim to carry Chasing Haze. He takes the two accounts to Green Forest since he still needs more items from the Midnight Phantom Cat. He controls Lord Grim to do all of the work while Chasing Haze leeches off of him. Sometimes after killing the Midnight Phantom Cat and trying to get another run, he receives spam friend invites from Blue River. After numerous ignores and re-requests, he finally accepts and the player introduced himself as a member of Blue Brook Guild. He asks if Ye Xiu is interested in clearing Frost Forest with them. Blue River then offers him Purple Equipment for his cooperation although Ye Xiu isn’t interested in this. He, instead, sends over a list of materials that he needs. The items Ye Xiu wants are a bit too much for Blue River, and so Ye Xiu starts to haggle with him until, finally, they reach an agreed price. Ye Xiu goes to meet the team after he finishes his dungeon, at Green Forest.

When he finally meets up with the group, he first turns his attention to upgrading the Myriad Manifestation Umbrella. During this time, he is being ridiculed by a member of Blue River’s group, Flower Lantern. The ridicule mostly comes due how Lord Grim looks because of his mixed of armor, and as well as being playing classless. Once he finishes, he joins Blue Brook Guild so it would show the guild’s name on the System Announcement. He looks at the party composition and decides that they needed to get rid of the Cleric and the Knight and form a pure DPS group instead. He also tells them to make him the party leader. The players, Bound Bout and Flower Lantern, leave the group and two others players took their place: A Witch named Lunar Grace and an Elementalist named Returning Cloud. After seeing that everything looks alright, he heads into the dungeon without haste. Everyone else shortly follows him after.

Ye Xiu explains to them, while they are in the dungeon, that they are going to use One Wave Rush with Ye Xiu playing as the MT and control the aggro on the Bosses. After explaining everything, he quickly advances forward by himself. He returns with mobs of monsters behind him while using advanced techniques such as Z-Shake and Aerial Fire. After they kill off all the enemies, Blue River and Flower Lantern are messaging each other with Blue River describing Lord Grim as a God and that they are using One Wave Rush, which leaves both Flower Lantern and Bound Boat speechless. They get to the Boss and Ye Xiu has them attack as soon as he pulls the Goblin Patrol Guard in without the need of creating aggro. They quickly kill it without the boss going OT. In the end, they discover that Lord Grim isn’t just a MT, but he’s also a damage-dealer as well. They advance and steamroll past the second Boss, and finally get to the Goblin Emperor Frost Thain, the final Boss. Ye Xiu combos and attack the last boss as if it were a joke. Even after Red Blood, there isn’t much the boss can do. Finally, the System Announcement announces that a new record is set by the group with a time of 20:24:11. This record beats the previous record set by Herb Garden by more than 5 minutes (26:12:48). In the other guilds, Tyrannical Ambition finds out that it is because of Lord Grim that the people he is with (Full Moon Guild) were able to get those achievements, while Herb Garden is in an uproar.

The members of Blue Brook Guild meet up with each other after they break the record and give Ye Xiu the promised items plus more. Ye Xiu then leaves the guild before they manage to rope him into staying permanently in the guild. Blue River offers to Ye Xiu that they should keep each other added on their friend's list for future cooperation, to which Ye Xiu agrees and leaves the group. He goes to the city of Bulls, stores the additional items, and goes to Frost Dungeon to run it with Seven Fields and co. Once Seven Fields and co. finish the dungeon, Seven Fields kicks Cold Night, much to his disarray. Cold Night stays, and waits for Lord Grim, like the rest of them. When Lord Grim arrives, Cold Night goes to greet him and wants to do a dungeon with them. He even attempts to take Immersed Jade’s spot, only to be kicked down by Ye Xiu saying that they don’t need a Cleric. They enter the dungeon, without Cold Night, and complete it easily, twice. Unfortunately, the other members have completed it three times, and Cold Night and Ye Xiu still have one more run that they can use. Ye Xiu offers to break the record for them under two conditions: He charges a fee and no Cleric. Ye Xiu tells him that his desired group contains 3 Elementalists that and 1 Witch. Cold Night tells him that they don’t have his desired group currently, so instead they do a run with the people Cold Night initially wanted to use. They enter the dungeon with Ye Xiu as the leader and the group is silent. Ye Xiu asks for a leading fee of 10 White Wolf Bristles. They agree and Ye Xiu gives them step-by-step instructions, making them feel as if they’re stupid. Cold Night even purposely messes up, so Ye Xiu patiently instructs him and explains his mistakes to him. They finished the dungeon at an ordinary time. He logs off and goes to sleep.


While he is sleeping, Tang Rou returns and she is greeted by Chen Guo. They begin talking to one another, with some bantering, and eventually, Chen Guo looks back of when Tang Rou first laid her hands on Glory. During that time, Tang Rou had lost the first two rounds against her opponent but then won the 3rd round. Chen Guo wants to have Tang Rou play against Ye Xiu, although Tang Rou said she’ll play him later because he just got off of working the night shift. When he wakes up, Chen Guo introduces Tang Rou to Ye Xiu and she takes them to go play a round of Glory in the Arena. She asks Ye Xiu what class did he decided to play as, to which he replies Unspecialized. This shocks her because no one is playing Unspecialized anymore, and yet Ye Xiu is, and he is planning to attempt the Heavenly Domain Challenge at level 50. Ye Xiu is planning to use his level 21 character, Lord Grim, to play against Tang Rou who would use Chen Guo’s level 70 Chasing Haze. They set up the match at fixed-field. Ye Xiu calls Chen Guo over, asking her what’s her game and Ye Xiu and Tang Rou make a wager of 100 yuan on who would win. They begin fighting and for the first time, and Chen Guo notices that Ye Xiu’s weapon looks weird. During the fight, Ye Xiu is using different skills from different classes while using that single weapon. After a few exchanges, Ye Xiu tells her they should just end it since she doesn’t know how to play the game. Ye Xiu began describing what is wrong with Tang Rou’s playstyle, hitting many points. This enrages Chen Guo, especially since Ye Xiu cannot give a good point that is valid to Chen Guo. Tang Rou wants a rematch, so she makes another bet. She keeps losing and continued to bet more money. This small wager begins to attract a crowd within the Cafe with many noticing that the famous Lord Grim is before them. In the end, she losses 10 rounds to Ye Xiu without inflicting any damage onto him. After everything is over, people begin questioning Ye Xiu about Lord Grim’s weapon. When they hear that it is a Silver Weapon, it shocks everyone, and they circle around him to see it and ask him questions. After checking it out and such, they send him friend invites, to which he accepts. Later, Chen Guo comes to take a look at the weapon as well since she has never seen a Silver Weapon in person before. After confirming Chen Guo’s suspicion of why he is playing Unspecialized, he takes the money and leaves the premise.

Tang Rou decides to take Ye Xiu’s advice and creates a new account to play on. She decides to use the same class as One Autumn Leaf: Battle Mage. Ye Xiu returns from buying food for everyone and sees that Tang Rou is going to play as a Battle Mage. He offers to set-up the guides for her, while she eats dinner since the guides are out of date, to which they agree. Ye Xiu begins to revise the guides that he made 9 years ago. When she finishes eating, he sends Tang Rou to play a bit, while he continues to revise the guide. Once he finishes, he saves the guide onto the computer and goes towards the smoking area to play. He tells Tang Rou that if she has any questions, to contact him. He logs on after getting to his computer and goes to Boneyard to train where he meets the kill-stealer, Battle Mage, Thousand Creations, from Blue Brook Guild. He steals the monster that Ye Xiu is fighting and is pestering Ye Xiu to fight him in the Arena. Ye Xiu continues to ignore his challenge and brings 5 undead towards himself. When Thousand Creations pesters him, he sends an undead over for him to fight.

Thousand Creations becomes annoyed until Blue River shows up with the other members of Blue Brook Guild. After seeing Blue River, Thousand Creations scurries away. Since being a kill-stealer is looked down upon, and because he’s in Blue Brook Guild, it would tarnish the guild’s name, so Thousand Creations has his guild tag hidden. Once he disappears, Blue River invites Lord Grim to join them fight Boneyard’s Wild Boss, Blood Gunner Yagg, with them. He accepts the invite and joins the main team, then go towards Blood Gunner Yagg’s location. When they get there, they see that Herb Garden and Tyrannical Ambition have already arrived. The three guild leaders are arguing/talking to one another, in an attempt to try and throw the other ones off. Endless Night attempts to rope Lord Grim to their side as well, but Blue River chases him off. Ye Xiu sees Thousand Creations fighting Blood Gunner Yagg, with a bunch of random people. Ye Xiu leaves Blue River’s party, joins the party of randoms, and begins controlling the situation with Blood Gunner Yagg. He redirects a shot from Blood Gunner Yagg onto a Herb Garden member causing an uproar amongst the members. Thousand Creations receives an invite back into the main Blue Brook party while Ye Xiu has the random players attack Blood Gunner Yagg through his command and coordination. After seeing Lord Grim turn the “dead” party into a living one, it leaves The Great Guilds (Herb Garden, Tyrannical Ambition, and Blue Brook Guild) dumbstruck. They soon realize what is happening before them, so they begin to act. Blue River orders the members to attack everyone, aside from Lord Grim, and support Lord Grim if he gets attacked. The members are also told to invite Lord Grim back to their party if a spot appears. When Ye Xiu sees that the guilds are starting to move, he tells the random party to run. When these players run, the Three Great Guilds try to get Lord Grim’s party to join their mass party. They begin offering different items to Lord Grim in an attempt to bribe him to their side. They realize not too long after that he isn’t the party leader, but during this realization, Blood Gunner Yagg becomes enraged.

This Enrage state isn’t due to him having less than 10% health, but instead, the cause of it is due to Lord Grim performing a 200 combo on Blood Gunner Yagg. Blood Gunner Yagg begins to summon his undead legion and summons over 100 undead monsters (since The Three Great Guild party leaders are in Blood Gunner Yagg’s aggro range), all that which begin to attack and restrict the Three Great Guilds. In the meantime, Lord Grim continues attacking Blood Gunner Yagg and moves him away from the Three Great Guilds. He has the random brawler turn him into the party leader and has the four Full Moon Guild members, plus Immersed Jade, join his party. They begin to attack and coordinate with Lord Grim. The Three Great Guilds are spotted running to their location, so they increase their tempo in an attempt at getting Blood Gunner Yagg to Red Blood. They manage to get Blood Gunner Yagg to 10% health, so he summons a single legion this time since only Lord Grim is in his aggro range. They kill the single legion and continue to attack Blood Gunner Yagg. When The Three Great Guilds finally manage to catch up to Lord Grim and his party, Blood Gunner Yagg’s health became 5%. For the third time, Blood Gunner Yagg summoned his legion. Since The Three Great Guilds have arrived at that moment, they have to fight off the legions, for the second time. The Three Great Guilds are prepared this time, so they give out their commands. Blue River notices that Plantago Seed is missing and finds out that he has died, making Blue Brook Guild and Tyrannical Ambition laugh at Herb Garden. When Blood Gunner Yagg finally reaches 1% health, he begins to use the Sharpshooter skill Random Firing, but Lord Grim uses Shadow Clone to get avoid the gunshots and follows up Shadow Clone with an Eagle stamp, Circle Swing and a few other combo moves to finish Blood Gunner Yagg off. The System Announcement appears, congratulating Lord Grim and his party for killing the Wild Boss, Blood Gunner Yagg. Ye Xiu takes the item that he needs and then runs.

After killing Blood Gunner Yagg, the group is running for their lives. They have the Three Great Guilds chasing after them, and the people at the Happy Internet Cafe are watching, and cheering, as Ye Xiu is running away from them. He turns around and stops some of the pursuers, while everyone else continues to run. He manages to scare the pursuers with a threat, one of them being Thousand Creations, and so they stop chasing after him and retreat. Blue River and Bound Boat begin private messaging one another afterward, speaking of Lord Grim’s possible intentions and deduce that the guilds need him, but he doesn’t need the guilds. They conclude that they’ll continue trying to build a connection with him, so Blue River messages Lord Grim afterward, attempting to get Lord Grim to play with him, with the first attempt in getting Lord Grim to come dungeon with him. After receiving a decline, he tells Lord Grim to join them in fighting Frost Forest’s Goblin Merchant. Lord Grim tells him that he has already made a deal with Tyrannical Ambition with helping them securing this Wild Boss, much to Blue River’s disappointment.

Once reset occurs, Ye Xiu joins Seven Fields to dungeon. He meets Steamed Bun Invasion again from earlier when he fought Blood Gunner Yagg with the random party, who has been playing for over 42 hours. They enter the dungeon and begins instructing everyone during the dungeon while also giving Steamed Bun Invasion advice. He receives a message from Endless Night that the Goblin Merchant has spawned, but he tells them that he is in the middle of a dungeon. Ye Xiu tells his party that they need to speed up their tempo in the dungeon. After they finish the dungeon, he goes to meet up with the other Tyrannical Ambition members. Cold Night adds Lord Grim into the main Tyrannical Ambition party. Ye Xiu tells them that he wants to form a full DPS party who have Purple Weapons to control the aggro of the Goblin Merchant while also using the forest to hide the other members. Endless Night, at this moment, shows off that he has an Orange Weapon, but Ye Xiu responds with, “Cleric, behave yourself.”[1] After they create the party and the plan is explained, they rush towards the Goblin Merchant’s location. They see a lot of people trying to pull the aggro, when Blue River jumps and initiates Sword Draw and slashes towards the Goblin Merchant.

Blue River attempts to follow Sword Draw up with an Upward Slash, but Lord Grim manages to beat him in hitting the Goblin Merchant while using the Battle Lance form. The Goblin Merchant is hit by a few, by Lord Grim, and Blue River starts to become anxious. This forces Blue River to make a mistake, and he is launched into the air by the Goblin Merchant’s shockwave. By the time he manages to recover, Lord Grim has already pulled the Goblin Merchant and uses fling to throw the Goblin Merchant over to Tyrannical Ambition’s direction. They attack the Goblin Merchant and hide in the forest when Ye Xiu tells them too. The close-combat players occasionally appear, from the forest, to control the pathing, and then hide back into the forest. While Ye Xiu is attacking and luring the Goblin Merchant, Blue Brook Guild are chasing after the Goblin Merchant. When someone, apart from Tyrannical Ambition’s party, attempts to attack the Goblin Merchant, one of Tyrannical Ambition’s long-range members attacks the Goblin Merchant. This shifts the aggro change to that player; thus, changing to where and whom the Goblin Merchant is chasing. Eventually, Blue Brook Guild becomes aware of this tactic and begin moving in groups into the forest in an attempt to try and to kill the Tyrannical Ambition members off. Herb Garden appears out of nowhere and attempts to flank Tyrannical Ambition as well, in an attempt to help Blue Brook Guild. When some of the Blue Brook Guild’s members attempt to take control of the aggro and cut off Lord Grim, he uses Aerial Fire to dodge their attacks. The Myriad Manifestation Umbrella continues to transform to attack them and Lord Grim even has the Goblin Merchant support him by throwing an AoE grenade at those who tried to cut him off. Some of the players eventually lose their visual of the Goblin Merchant, so Blue River decides that Blue Brook Guild will pull out of their chase of this boss. Plantago Seed and Herb Garden continue to chase the Goblin Merchant a bit more, at first not understanding why Blue Brook Guild gave up before they give up like Blue Brook Guild. In the end, Lord Grim leaves the party and allowed Tyrannical Ambition to finish the Goblin Merchant off so that the System Announcement would announce the kill under Tyrannical Ambition’s name.

After the Goblin Merchant’s event, Blue River messages Lord Grim, attempting to try and have him help him set the record at Boneyard. Unfortunately, Ye Xiu tells him that he will only discuss it when he reaches the appropriate level to discuss it. This forces Blue River to log into his Heavenly Domain account and speak to Blue Brook Guild’s Guild Leader Changing Spring. He discusses the situation with Changing Spring; providing him details of what is happening in the Tenth Server. After giving him the details, and hearing his response, he logs out and logs back into the Tenth Server. He messages Lord Grim about the Frost Forest dungeon record, only to find out that he has set an appointment with Tyrannical Ambition in beating it. The two parties, Lord Grim, and Tyrannical Ambition begin discussing the price for this record. The price that he asks for makes Endless Night cough up blood numerous times. He has them set up items for a mortgage, and requests four DPS classes, from them. After 15 minutes has passed since they entered the dungeon, a System Announcement appears, congratulating the members of Excellent Dynasty players for their Frost Forest’s record time of 13:24:21. Lord Grim’s group finish the dungeon and begin discussing the record. He tells them that the record is almost at the maximum possible limit and they should wait until he reaches level 25 to break it. He then tells them that he will need to borrow some Purple Weapons for a Battle Mage, a Brawler, and a Launcher. He also tells them that they will need to do something extra: Look into the players that Excellent Dynasty used to break the record. Afterwards, he calls out to Steam Bunned Invasion when he is dungeoning with Seven Fields, Drifting Water and Sunset Clouds. He tells him that he will take him out to fight monsters to help him on getting more familiar with the game. He gives him a quick summary of the Brawler class and some tips to use with the class.

Chen Guo wakes up, in the morning, and sees that neither Tang Rou nor Ye Xiu has gone to sleep, so when she goes downstairs, she sees that they both are still playing Glory. She calls them both mad since they both were playing so competitively. Ye Xiu goes over to talk to Tang Rou shortly afterward and speaks to her about the Frost Forest record. He tells her to hurry up and level since there will be something fun for her to do, and then asks if she is planning to stay up again. Tang Rou replies that she intends to. Chen Guo jumps in and tells them that she won’t let them play if they plan to go that far. He tells Tang Rou to open up a membership card for him and she says that she will do the same. After hearing this, she tells them that she won’t bother with them anymore. He coughs to change the subject and tells her to get some sleep after her shift. While she begins her morning shift, Ye Xiu goes to upstairs to sleep.

Ye Xiu wakes up and goes downstairs to see that they are broadcasting the 20th match of the Glory Professional Alliance League. The match, that day, is between Excellent Era and 301 Degrees with the current matchup between Su Mucheng and Gao Jie. Since Excellent Era is playing at 301 Degrees’ stadium, Gao Jie has the map advantage since the home team picks the map. The match begins and Gao Jie’s Stellar Sword follows the footsteps left by Dancing Rain in an attempt to try and find Su Mucheng. Unfortunately for him, Su Mucheng had planned to use the footprints as a trap for Gao Jie and fires Anti-Tank Missiles at him. She follows the skill up with a Satellite Beam at him. This leads to Gao Jie being suppressed by Su Mucheng; thus, having his character die and giving Excellent Era a point. After Su Mucheng, the next two players from Excellent Era end up losing their matches, making the result 1:2, in favor of 301 Degrees. The next part of the competition begins with Sun Xiang and One Autumn Leaf versus Yang Cong and Scene Killer. The battle ends after being one-sided, and the second battle ends even quicker than the first. The third battle takes longer than the other two battles because of “Grind King” Xu Bin, but it ends with Sun Xiang completing a 3v1. The match, at this point, is a tie 3:3, with the next competition being the final competition of on that day: the Team Competition. When the competition begins, 301 Degrees starts off with a lot of energy, and Xu Bin’s Knight, Tide, rushes to face off against Sun Xiang’s One Autumn Leaf. Meanwhile, Scene Killer rushes to engage Dancing Rain. What Excellent Era doesn’t know is that this is part of 301 Degrees’ plan: Isolate Dancing Rain from the rest of the group, and kill her off first. During this time, Ye Xiu gives Chen Guo an explanation of 301’s plan which is to give up the group competition while tiring Sun Xiang; thus, helping them take the win in the Team Competition. 301 Degrees’ plan is working well as Su Mucheng is the first to fall, so He Ming, a player that plays as an Elementalist, enters the battle for Excellent Era due to the death of Su Mucheng’s Dancing Rain. As He Ming rushes to join the battle, the power at the Internet Cafe goes out which leads to chaos within Happy Internet Cafe.

Ye Xiu calls the repairman to come and fix the power outage. When he arrives, Tang Rou and Ye Xiu follow him around and attempt to support/encourage him so that the situation will get fixed and they can play Glory. After some time, the power comes back on, and Ye Xiu goes to the reception desk where he then checks how the game ended. After seeing that Excellent Era had lost, he logs onto the game. Four customers appear, in front of him, so Ye Xiu looks at them and notices that three are from Excellent Era while the other one is from Excellent Dynasty Guild. Liu Hao, Excellent Era’s Vice-Captain, attempts to chat up Tang Rou and chats with Ye Xiu a bit before attempting to ridicule Ye Xiu for being forced out of the team and working at the Internet Cafe while he becomes the Vice-Captain. Ye Xiu critiques the three players for their mistakes during the match against 301 Degrees which makes two of them go silent and makes Liu Hao stutter. He has Tang Rou light up a sign behind them which allows him to kick the four people out afterward due to the establishment having a policy saying that he has the right to refuse drunk customers. They leave the Internet Cafe and Tang Rou becomes level 20, so Ye Xiu takes her dungeoning with him at Frost Forest.

Before they go in, Ye Xiu contacts Cold Night in regards to the players from Excellent Dynasty that set the record. After finding out the details, he concludes that three of the five players were pros. Ye Xiu, Tang Rou, Steamed Bun Invasion, Sleeping Moon and Seven Fields enter the dungeon and Ye Xiu teaches Tang Rou how to pull monsters. After he shows her how to pull monsters, he instructs Steam Bunned Invasion as well. Once they finish the dungeon, Ye Xiu sends Steamed Bun Invasion to the Arena so that he can PK, and save up his points for a Purple Weapon, while Tang Rou goes to solo the dungeon. After she completes it, Ye Xiu takes over her account and begins soloing the dungeon while giving her tips on certain situations. Ye Xiu completes the dungeon without any difficulty, having a greater than 20-minute difference from Tang Rou’s time. He has Tang Rou run the dungeon again, but this time on Lord Grim. She planned to switch accounts every time she completes the dungeon.

Daytime eventually comes, and Ye Xiu calls Su Mucheng, who just woke up. She asks him about details, such as where is he, how is the job and so forth. He tells her that she should come and play with him on the 10th Server. He also mentions to her that he has been playing on Lord Grim which makes her silent for some time and asks him about details while feeling like she is about to cry. Once they end their call, Su Mucheng goes to get an account card and adds Lord Grim on her new account Cleansing Mist. Tang Rou, who is currently on the account, adds her. When he comes back to pick up breakfast, he sees her name and almost faints. He tells her to hurry up and go level while he goes to bed.

When he wakes up, he logs in to Glory and speaks to Cold Night about the dungeon record and tells Cold Night that Cold Night has to get him a skilled level 25 player to do the dungeon with them. Cold Night introduces him to a player whose name is Crowd Lover and plays as an Elementalist. He gathers up the group and takes them to run Frost Forest so that they can get practice on how they will run Frost Forest. When the time finally arrives to set the record, they join Tyrannical Ambition and go forth into the dungeon.

They all enter, at the same time, and immediately begin pulling monsters. Instead of a One Wave Rush, this time they are using a One Wave Push by using Su Mucheng to constantly pull monsters for them to attack. They continue to pull and kill monsters without stopping. As they pull more and more monsters, each player is killing a different amount of goblins within their area. Before they know it, Ye Xiu is fighting eighteen goblins, Tang Rou has ten and Steamed Bun Invasion has eight. They kill all the goblins and go to the first Boss’s chambers. Su Mucheng uses Delivery Gun to pull the first Boss, but Ye Xiu messages her not to use it again so she wouldn’t expose herself as Su Mucheng as Crowd Lover became astonished when he saw Delivery Gun. They quickly kill the first Boss and go to the second Boss, which Su Mucheng pulls as well. They reach the third Boss and brush through it as well. They finish the dungeon so fast that they break the record that was set by Excellent Dynasty with a time of 13:05:47.

Chen Yehui calls Liu Hao and tells him the dungeon record has been broken. Liu Hao is speechless and figures out that the person who broke the record has to be Ye Qiu. He tells Chen Yehui to get him an open account that is guildless, as well as around level 20. Chen Yehui gets the accounts for Liu Hao and they break the record again with a time of 12:55:42. After breaking the record, Liu Hao logs on to his open account and spams friend invites to Lord Grim. When he finally accepts, Liu Hao starts to feel victorious. He wants to see if Ye Xiu is going to go and break the record that he set, but instead, he sends Liu Hao to go fight Steamed Bun Invasion in the Arena. Steamed Bun Invasion and Liu Hao fight five times, with Liu Hao letting Steamed Bun Invasion win, and then messages Ye Xiu, praising Steamed Bun Invasion. Liu Hao hears from Ye Xiu that Steamed Bun Invasion said Liu Hao wasn’t a match for him, which makes Liu Hao furious. Liu Hao is invited to play with Ye Xiu after Liu Hao asks Ye Xiu if he can play with him, so he goes to level with Ye Xiu. He is disappointed to find out that Ye Xiu and Tang Rou are just attacking monsters after numerous hours. Night finally passes, and Liu Hao feels sleepy, so he tells Ye Xiu that is going to log off and go to bed.

Later that day, Ye Xiu goes dungeoning with Su Mucheng, Tang Rou, Sleeping Moon and Seven Fields. During this time, Su Mucheng teaches Tang Rou about coordination: adjusting your coordination to others and leading the coordination. They meet the Hidden Boss Vampire Knight and Tang Rou rushes in. She gets bitten by some bats and becomes the center of attention for the Vampire Knight. After some players struggle, they manage to get ahold of the situation by moving out of the bats AoE; thus, allowing them to eventually killing the Vampire Knight. From this kill, they receive two Purple Eggs (2 Purple Equipment drops). Afterward, they complete the dungeon and run it twice more. On their third run, they manage to set the current record at 23.54:71. In the meantime, Liu Hao fights Steamed Bun Invasion in the Arena when the System Announcement appears. He asks Steamed Bun Invasion a question, but Steamed Bun Invasion, instead, lectures him of leaving himself open. Liu Hao gets angry and defeats Steamed Bun Invasion, and then logs off while Ye Xiu goes to research Boneyard for setting the next record. He figures out a plan and says that he will take Tang Rou tomorrow to the dungeon to show it to her. He then asks Chen Guo if he can use her account to run the dungeon and goes to test it out when she accepts his requests.

Liu Hao, for the first time, is invited to come and dungeon with Ye Xiu and his group after Steamed Bun Invasion tells Ye Xiu that Hateful Sword’s skill has improved. Ye Xiu, Tang Rou, Steamed Bun Invasion, Su Mucheng and Liu Hao enter the dungeon. Ye Xiu shows everyone his pathing and method which results in everyone becoming amazed. Ye Xiu’s method utilizes throwing three zombies near a crack in the wall, and kill them and then having the fourth zombie in the crack so that it is stuck inside the wall. They run the dungeon a few times to practice, and Liu Hao goes to sleep. Ye Xiu takes Tang Rou and Steamed Bun Invasion to Skeleton Graveyard to practice some more. They practice for a couple days, and Lord Grim becomes level 27 and Xu Boyuan|Blue River immediately messages him, asking him about setting the record. Not too long after, Cold Night messages him. Unfortunately for Cold Night, Ye Xiu tells him that he has already made a deal with Blue River.

It is finally time for them to set the record, so the group joins Blue Brook Guild. They enter the dungeon and attempt to set the record on their first run, but Steamed Bun Invasion messes up while they are attempting to trap the second Boss. Fortunately for them, Liu Hao manages to smack the Boss into the crack, and so the Boss takes an additional four seconds. The rest of the dungeon goes smoothly which results with them to finish the dungeon in 17:22:17, a new dungeon record within all the Servers. After setting the record, Liu Hao logs off of Hateful Sword and tells his teammates that they will be breaking the record tonight. His teammates remind him that they have a match against Blue Rain tonight, which he totally forgot about. He tells them that they will set the record after the match against Blue Rain.

That night, the match between 2nd place Blue Rain and Excellent Era began. Excellent Era managed to win two out of the three rounds of the Individual Competition and then the Group Competition begins. The final battle in the Group Competition is between Sun Xiang and One Autumn Leaf against Huang Shaotian and Troubling Rain. In the end, Troubling Rain manages to beat One Autumn Leaf even though Huang Shaotian only had ⅘ of his health remaining after defeating two members from Excellent Era players.Finally, the Team Competition begins, and during the Team Competition, Liu Hao continuously makes rookie mistakes. This leads to Excellent Era to lose the Team Competition and as well as the match. Liu Hao becomes visibly pale because he knows how badly he messed up in this match. After such a poor performance, Liu Hao decides that they’ll still attempt to break the dungeon record. They succeed by setting a time of 16:56:78.

A strange figure appears around the Internet Cafe which causes Tang Rou to point out to Ye Xiu. He tells her to go call Steamed Bun Invasion and the mysterious person enters the cafe. Ye Xiu asks if he came alone and directs the mysterious person to Area A Number 1 and gives him ham sausage to eat. Afterward, Ye Xiu goes to look at this mysterious person and flashes a flashlight at him, exposing the face of Glory’s top-tier Blade Master Huang Shaotian. He logs into his level 27 Blade Master and Ye Xiu tells him to play on the account for now as he will be called upon at 12. Liu Hao logs onto his Berserker account and messages Lord Grim, only to find out that he has been found out by Ye Xiu a long time ago since Ye Xiu taught him how to play. He logs off of Glory and breaks his brand new keyboard from the rage that he is experiencing. Liu Hao begins to wonder if Ye Xiu will be able to manage to break his record.[2]


Bao Rongxing (Steamed Bun Invasion)

Chen Guo (Chasing Haze)

Chen Yehui

Fang Fengran

Gao Jie (Stellar Sword)

He Ming (Merciless Magic)

Huang Shaotian (Troubling Rain)

Jiang You (Crowd Lover)

Li Yibo

Liu Hao (Hateful Sword)

Pan Lin

Seven Fields

Sleeping Moon

Su Mucheng (Dancing Rain/Cleansing Mist)

Sun Xiang (One Autumn Leaf)

Tang Rou (Chasing Haze/Soft Mist)

Wang Ze

Xu Bin (Tide)

Xu Boyuan (Blue River)

Yang Cong (Scene Killer)

Ye Xiu (Chasing Haze/Lord Grim)




Chapter Title
1 The Banished Battle God
2 Area 3 Number 47
3 Special Duty: Night Shift
4 Mysterious Expert
5 Skill Match
6 Thousand Chance Umbrella
7 Midnight Phantom Cat
8 A Life and Death Struggle
9 Ye Xiu’s Two Hands
10 Shameless Novice
11 Missing a Person? Add Me!
12 Spider Cave (1)
13 Spider Cave (2)
14 Spider Cave (3)
15 Spider Cave (4)
16 Emperor (1)
17 Emperor (2)
18 Emperor (3)
19 Emperor (4)
20 Emperor (5)
21 The Day’s Already Bright Again
22 Ye Qiu’s Retirement (1)
23 Ye Qiu’s Retirement (2)
24 Dungeon Record
25 Did You Hear What I Said?
26 Forgot to Look at a Guide
27 The Guide Says 24 Times
28 Professional Level
29 First Clear Team
30 Two Hidden BOSS Clears
31 This Is A Talent
32 Haggling
33 He’s Here to Make a Fool of Himself, Right?
34 Some More Damage
35 One Wave Rush (1)
36 One Wave Rush (2)
37 One Wave Rush (3)
38 What’s Damage
39 Frost Thain
40 New Record
41 A Simple Leave
42 A Good That Could Be Bought
43 Don’t Need A Cleric
44 Different Fees
45 Original Strategy
46 Easy Glory
47 I’m Playing Unspecialized
48 Countless Variations
49 You Really Don’t Know How to Play
50 Again!
51 The Weapon That Couldn’t Be Hidden
52 Picking a Class
53 Battle Mage
54 Show Me
55 Surpassing the Guide
56 Leveling Isn’t Easy
57 Boneyard
58 Kill Stealing
59 Are You Playing With A Child?
60 Wild Boss
61 Hunting Yagg (1)
62 Hunting Yagg (2)
63 Hunting Yagg (3)
64 Hunting Yagg (4)
65 Hunting Yagg (5)
66 Undead Legion
67 Speed Up
68 Blood Gunner First Kill
69 Keep Chasing And I Won’t Be So Nice Anymore
70 Copy Upgrade
71 Weapons and Skills
72 Taking Advantage of Everyone
73 Sand Toss
74 Understanding Information
75 Losing the Fight for the Monster
76 Controlling the BOSS’s Move Path
77 Directly Flying Over
78 Forced Into Helplessness
79 Changing Spring
80 A Guild Leader’s Troubles
81 A Blessing or a Curse
82 A Swift Dungeon Record
83 Almost the Limit
84 Manpower Needed
85 Steamed Bun Invasion
86 Teaching the Noob
87 I Feel Like None of You Slept
88 Glory League
89 Home Advantage
90 The Footprints are a Trap
91 Excellent Era’s Trump Card
92 1v3
93 That Wasn’t An Intentional Loss
94 Dropping the Ball at a Crucial Moment
95 Unexpected Guests
96 Because You Made Mistakes
97 Stupid Noob
98 Teaching Like Crazy
99 Endurance Limit
100 I Only Want to Play a Small Role
101 Three Days
102 All-Around Upgrade
103 There Really is a Gap
104 Godly Skill Delivery Gun
105 A Staggering Blow
106 What Exactly Is He Trying to Do?
107 Testing Staff
108 Hateful Sword
109 A Directed Act
110 Waiting and Seeing
111 Two Types of Coordination
112 Perfect Coordination
113 Casually Dungeoning
114 Control Over Records
115 Going All Out
116 An All-New Strategy
117 Specially Substituting In
118 Mid-Air Coordination
119 I Forgot
120 Who Taught You How to Play?

Collector's Edition Chapter Names

Chapter Title
1 The Banished Battle God
2 Midnight Phantom Cat
3 Spider Cave
4 Hidden Boss
5 Tgoesy-Four Hit Combo
6 One Wave Rush
7 A Good That Can Be Bough
8 You Bet, You Pay
9 Goal: Surpassing the Battle God
10 Blood Gunner First Kill
11 Taking Advantage of Everyone
12 Goblin Merchant
13 A Swift Dungeon Record
14 Steamed Bun Invasion
15 Glory League
16 Teaching Like Crazy
17 "Small Role" Su Mucheng
18 Hateful Sword
19 Perfect Coordination
20 An All-New Strategy


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