Something I've been noticing lately is that there's a lot of inconsistencies in set pages. What I mean by set pages is like Team pages, or character pages, or season pages...pages that come in sets?

Mostly I was looking at each team page and sometimes in the introduction, it would be the Pinyin name followed by the English translation and sometimes it would be the English translation followed by the Pinyin and then sometimes it wouldn't have the Pinyin at all. And the same is with the infobox title for the teams. Sometimes it's the pinyin and sometimes its the english. All in all, the information is all basically the same, but just look like it's all over the place. I noticed because of the edit to the Tyranny page that said it should be Batu and not Baw, but looking at it, shouldn't it be Tyranny since that is the official gravitytales translation?

I've noticed this in the seasons pages where season 10 has the two transfer windows split as their own heading, but the other seasons have it both listed as subheadings under transfers at the top of the page. But i guess the general difference between season 10 and the other seasons is that we just have more info on it and so can flesh it out more than we can for the other seasons...

On a completely different note, Team Bright Flower has officially been translated to Team Radiant!! \o/  ^o^ 

(I'm always on at weird times so I never know where to ask my questions so I guess I'll just write them as blog posts for now...though I guess...can i ask this type of questions in Discussion? The rules never state. So I guess it's not a 'No' but that doesn't mean it's a 'Yes' maybe I'll get an answer for that here too........)

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