Aphrodite Belleza

  • Bio To all the friends of Aphrodite, we do not normally know much about our daughter's online life but we happen to encounter this account of hers thus we wish to send this message to you.
    Thank you all for the support and help you've given for our daughter who you know as Aphrodite online. We thank Edison for attending our daughter's funeral.
    She has always been battling against depression and anxiety since young. To the point where she had to go for counselling. Our daughter has been facing verbal bullying in school from a young age, though lessened, we were unaware of how the same had occured to her online as well. As stated in her will, such examples are on Instagram, Discord and Whatsapp.
    Although we would not use the term cyberbullying to describe her situation online, she has on a few occasions confide to us how she had been affected by some insensitive remarks about her by some people online. Which was either said to her directly or behind her back.
    Please forgive our daughter for saying, implying, or doing anything that might have caused those insensitive remarks targetted towards her, socialising and interacting with her peers had always been an issue for her. Some words or actions she had done is not actually meant to offend or annoy the person or a group of people at all, she just can't express what she wish to say properly.
    Once again, my daughter's relatives and I are eternally grateful for Edison's friendship with her. As well as Theresa, Li Wei, Eunice and a few other people who are willing to be her friend and lend her a listening ear.
    Lastly, we hope that whoever who had contributed to giving our daughter the intentions to commit suicide to be more mature and considerate, as well as to know how some words can hurt others even though those words do not seem so in their eyes. Hence should be more sensitive with what they say to others in future.

    Once again, thank you all, particularly her friends that were mentioned, for the support you have given to our daughter.

    –Aphrodite's mother, Mrs Lee
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"People cry, not because they are weak, it is because they have been strong for too long."

Johnny Depp (Actor)

"Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do."

Steve Jobs (Entrepreneur)
Hello There!AB's GF gif Good day! Random User, this is my User Page! You can stay awhile and get to know me, or you can leave me a message on my Talk Page!
Do explore my profile to know more about me if you want!
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Hi! Template:Visitor, I'm Aphrodite Bellza, you can either address me by my first name, last name, or AB would do. I am a 14 year old Singaporean-Chinese girl. I am a huge fan of Marvel and DC and I love TV/Cartoon shows like Game of Thrones and Gravity Falls and anime like Attack on Titan, Death Note, Fairy Tail (formerly) and of coarse The Promised Neverland~. My real name can be found in that box above. I do apologize for being harsh or that I sound weird when talking to you guys. I am a rather quiet person in reality. (๑◕︵◕๑)
I'll try the best I can to stay active and contributive to this wikia as possible. I have upcoming exams in reality so I will not be active for certain period of time. But I WILL be active during November onward, since it is when my exams are all over.yeah, I know, I sounded dumb...

Click the beautiful red button;      I dare you. Mystery Prank!?
1. What are my favorite anime series ?
Answer: Well, I used to be a loyal fan of Fairy Tail, but it recently disappoints me with its chapters so I am not really a fan now. There are popular anime like Attack on Titan and Death Note which I like but I am not really into those series cuz they are not really my type.
I can say I KINDA follow One Punch Man, cuz that show is funny. Now recently, I like this Chinese anime The King's Avatar and this newly released manga The Promised Neverland.
2. What are my favourite cartoons ?
Answer: I find Gravity Falls as part of my life! That show is perfection! If you do not know GF, I highly recommend you to watch this show.
I also like Avatar: The Last Airbender, I like how it is inspired by Chinese culture and the seriousness of the plot is interesting to watch.
Others which I like are We Bare Bears, The Loud House and maybe Star vs the Forces of Evil.
3. Who are my idols ?
1. Camila Cabello
2. Ivanka Trump
3. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
4. Emma Stone
5. Melania Trump
Yeah...mentioning 2 Trumps might get you triggered, but these two really aren't as bad as Donald.
4. Favourite Colors?
Answer: Black, Blue, White
5. Things I like?
Answer: Drawing, reading, anime (sometimes), cartoons, Game of Thrones, money, studying (depends...), China (my hometown), architecture
6. Things I dislike?
Answer; Some Starco shippers that are just too much, people too attached to anime, internet trolls, doing badly in exams, bullies, people who swears a lot
7. Describing myself?
Answer; I am a Chinese-Singaporean, middle school student. Sassy, two-faced, sensitive, kind (when I wanted to), rebellious, fragile, self-righteous, pessimistic
Q=8. What are my favourite songs?|A=Answer: Fight Song, Blank Space, Bad Things, Salute, basically any songs that I find good.

Name of Series Status
Candy Series (comic) Reading
Prince Series (comic) Reading
Fairy Tail (anime) Dropped
Fairy Tail (manga) Completed
Cowboy Bebop (anime) Watching
The Promised Neverland (currently manga) Reading
Naruto (anime) Dropped
Avatar: The Last Airbender (cartoon) Completed
Gravity Falls (cartoon) Completed
Assassination Classroom (anime) Dropped
Attack On Titan (manga) Reading
Attack on Titan (anime) Watching
Phineas and Ferb (cartoon) Completed
Star vs the Forces of Evil (cartoon) Watching
Over the Garden Wall (cartoon) Completed
Black Butler (manga) Dropped

Literature Status
Throne of Glass Reading
The Hunger Games Completed
Percy Jackson Reading
Roald Dahl's Works Dropped
The Mortal Instruments Dropped
A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Reading
Mr. Mystery Dropped
Mr. Midnight Dropped

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