An Unspecialized account with several different weapons from the manhua

A class without any set class that learns Level 20 under skills from all 24 sub-classes. This adds up to roughly 120 skills in total.[1] To use skills from the 6 different classes, the user would have to switch weapons to the appropriate class.[2] This was bypassed by the Myriad Manifestation Umbrella, which can change forms in an instant, thus creating a true Unspecialized.


The first occurrence of an Unspecialized account began in the first Server. The decline of an Unspecialized character began with the third Server, when Class Awakening Quests were introduced. After this time, most Unspecialized users either abandoned their account or simply changed classes, while a few others kept the account as a memento.[3] After the release of the fifth Server, Unspecialized characters were then able to do the Heavenly Domain Challenge at Level 50 to enter the Heavenly Domain where they could train and level up. Regular servers don't allow Unspecialized characters to train level up past Level 50, though the Heavenly Domain does.[4]


Stat growth in an Unspecialized account is very balanced. Strength, Stamina, Vitality, and Intelligence all have a growth rate of 3. At level 70, the base stats of an Unspecialized character would be 210 each. With the addition of stat points acquired through quests, an Unspecialized character can have a balanced stat of 300 without equipment for a total of 1200 stat points.[5] At level 75, the base stats of an Unspecialized character would be 225 each without additional stat from quests and equipment.

Notable Users

Unnamed Tiny Herb Senior

Wang Jiexi (Never used it, but still has the account card)[3]

Ye Xiu

Notable Accounts

Lord Grim


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