Tian Sen (田森) is an eSports player for Royal Style and the owner of the God-Level Account Peaceful Hermit. He debuted in the 4th Season, and is part of the Golden Generation.


According to the novel, he has the "back of a tiger and the waist of a bear". He has a very muscular appearance, something that is not common within the pro scene.[1]


Tian Sen does not like to gossip and is extremely loyal to his team. This can be seen when 301 Degrees approached him during the Season 10 Winter Transfer Window, asking him to join them with his Peaceful Hermit as the core of the team. However, before Royal Style could give their reply, Tian Sen firmly stated that he and Peaceful Hermit would not leave the team, and that he does not mind receiving a pay cut due to Royal Style losing its sponsors.

Tian Sen also tries extremely hard for his team. When Royal Heritage had poor harvests in the Heavenly Domain due to Ye Xiu's Four Guild Alliance, he goes in-game to help them out. His efforts went as far as helping them out on a matchday, skipping the team's final practice and only arriving at the stadium 1 minute before the match started.

Tian Sen greatly fears that his account, Peaceful Hermit, would one day leave the stage of the Gods due to weakness permeating all levels of the club. Therefore, he swore to never allow that to happen in this hands and in his generation.[2]


He makes his debut in Season 4 and becomes the 3rd owner of the God-Level Account Peaceful Hermit.


Volume 4: All-Star Weekend

On Day 3 of All-Star Weekend, Tian Sen walks onto the stage. He joins Team B with Wang Jiexi, Deng Fusheng, Li Yihui, Han Wenqing, Zhang Xinjie, Li Xuan, Wu Yuce, Lin Jingyan, Fang Rui, Xiao Shiqin, and Zhao Yang. In the first round of Individual Challenge, Tian Sen faces Yang Cong. Tian Sen uses his Peaceful Hermit account, which is superior to Yang Cong’s Scene Killer, to grind his opponent to death. Tian Sen happily shakes hands with Yang Cong after the match.[3] With his teammates losing the Team Challenge, Tian Sen and Team B lose the overall match.[4]

Skills and Abilities

As noted in the novel, Tian Sen isn't as skilled at operating Peaceful Hermit as the previous users of the account.[1]


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