A Night Walker sub-class that is available once a player reaches Level 20. This class specializes in the use of traps to restrict an opponent's movements. Traps are triggered by being touched. For that reason, thieves are a class with a strong psychological advantage among normal players.[1]



Level Skill Name Description
Spike Trap A trap that binds the target in place using steel spikes.[2]
Poison Gas Trap A trap that causes poison smoke to rise up from the ground and spread over the area. The target stepping on the trap is Poisoned and briefly Stunned, interrupting any skills. The smoke does not effect movement but causes Damage Over Time.[3]
Inferno Trap A trap that, when stepped on, triggers a flame to come from the trap that was set. This trap causes Damage Over Time, and if the player stays on top of it, they could eventually die.[4]
Shadow Trap A trap that, when stepped on, teleports the player that set the trap to the location of the trap.
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Notable Users

Fang Rui

Lin Feng

Notable Accounts

Doubtful Demon


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