Tang Hao (唐昊) is an eSports player of Glory, who made his debut in Season 7. He is a former member of Hundred Blossoms. Before the start of Season 9, he transfers to Wind Howl for 10 million RMB where his transfer broke the record for the highest amount paid to transfer a player. He became the captain of the team and the user of Demon Subduer, the best Brawler in Glory.



Tang Hao is extremely arrogant. He confidently declares to Lin Jingyan that 'The junior succeeds the senior' during the Season 8 All-Star Weekend, and did not show respect for his senior.

He also tends to declare stuff that he himself does not believe he can achieve, as shown when he said that his team would defeat Samsara in the Season 9 playoffs.

Tang Hao also does not hold back on his criticism for his teammates, as shown when he openly criticises Liu Hao for his poor performance in front of reporters.

He is also extremely prideful, and would not ask for the assistance of his teammates if he is stuck in a sticky situation.


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