Sun Zheping (孙哲平) made his debut as an eSports player of Glory in Season 2 and was captain of Hundred Blossoms until a hand injury forced him to retire during Season 5. He is from the first generation of players. When Ye Xiu was invited to see Lou Guanning, he played on his account and lost to Sun Zheping. After that, Ye Xiu asked him to help Happy in the Challenge League. After helping Happy win, he joined Heavenly Sword as a substitute player due to the fact that his hands were not completely healed.[1]



Sun Zheping is arrogant and confident in himself even though he terribly injured himself.[2] In addition to his aggressive playstyle, he is extremely hardworking, to the points of which he injures his hands.[3] When he meets Sun Xiang, he didn't hesitate to send him an intimidating stare, and even told Sun Xiang that he was his grandfather.

Sun Zheping does not seem to care about the transfers within the pro circle. When he was in Happy, he did not know that Xiao Shiqin was a Master Tactician and that he was in Excellent Era.


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