During Season 7, he was a member of Conquering Clouds. With his sheer skill and MVP-like stats, he was close to leading his team to the playoffs.[1] The team continued to show their dominance in the first half of Season 8 with his leadership, securing 13 wins and 6 losses.

Afterwards, he was poached from his team by Excellent Era for 7 million RMB.[2] He was recruited to the club for the purpose of reviving it and becoming the next captain.


Volume 1: Banished Battle God

When Ye Xiu enters the Excellent Era conference room, Sun Xiang is already sitting in the captain's chair. As the former captain is forced to hand over One Autumn Leaf's account card, his hand trembles. Recognizing this, Sun Xiang arrogantly points this out. Ye Xiu questions him whether he enjoys playing Glory, and he is flustered by this. He takes glee in the fact that Ye Xiu's only options are to become a training partner or retire.

In his debut match for Excellent Era, Sun Xiang duels against 301 Degrees' Yang Cong as the opening duel to the Group Challenge.[3] With continuous attacks, Sun Xiang's One Autumn Leaf suppresses Yang Cong's Scene Killer. One Autumn Leaf kills Scene Killer and easily overwhelms the next opponent. Sun Xiang faces Xu Bin as his third opponent. One Autumn Leaf chases after Xu Bin's Tide, who always positions well, dodges attacks, and runs away. Sun Xiang defeats Xu Bin although the third duel takes longer than the first two duels combined.[4]

With One Autumn Leaf, Sun Xiang completes the third 1v3 in the history of the Glory Professional Alliance. For defeating three straight opponents in the Group Challenge, he follows Huang Shaotian's Troubling Rain and Han Wenqing's Desert Dust. In the Team Challenge, Sun Xiang's One Autumn Leaf faces off against Xu Bin's Tide. Sun Xiang is stuck in a duel with Xu Bin while Su Mucheng's Dancing Rain is focused by Yang Cong's Scene Killer. In an isolated fight, the other three Excellent Era players fight against the remaining three 301 Degrees players.[5] Sun Xiang and his team lose the Team Challenge. Excellent Era loses to 301 Degrees, 3-7.[6]

In Excellent Era's match hosting Blue Rain, Sun Xiang is unable to carry the team to victory against the more experienced and skilled ace for Blue Rain, Huang Shaotian. With Liu Hao's massive mistakes in the Team Challenge, Excellent Era loses to Blue Rain, 2-8. With an ashen face, Sun Xiang is furious towards Liu Hao. When Sun Xiang leaves the resting room, he slams the door.[7]

Volume 4: All-Star Weekend

Sun Xiang challenges Han Wenqing. Sun Xiang declares that he will settle the old grudge between One Autumn Leaf and Desert Dust. Sun Xiang shakes hands with Wenqing. Sun Xiang plays as One Autumn Leaf. Sun Xiang initiates the battle against Wenqing. For ten minutes, Sun Xiang duels into a deadlock with Wenqing.[8] Sun Xiang fights and blocks continuously against Wenqing. Sun Xiang fails to land the skill, Battle Mage Level 70 Ultimate: Rising Dragon Soars Through the Sky, and loses the duel.[9] Sun Xiang is in disbelief that he lost to Wenqing. Sun Xiang walks to the middle of stage to stand in front of Wenqing. Sun Xiang is furious and declares that he will be a better player in the future.[10]

Sun Xiang watches Tang Rou's duel against Du Ming.[11] Sun Xiang is shocked by Dragon Raising Its Head because he could have defeated Han Wenqing with Ye Qiu’s legendary Battle Mage technique. Sun Xiang is studying the theory behind Dragon Raising Its Head, but he lacks the hand speed, knowledge, and experience to execute the high-end technique.[12] On Day 3 of All-Star Weekend, Sun Xiang walks onto the stage. He joins Team A with Zhou Zekai, Jiang Botao, Yu Wenzhou, Huang Shaotian, Yu Feng, Chu Yunxiu, Li Hua, Tang Hao, Zou Yuan, Su Mucheng, and Yang Cong.[13] In the first match of Group Challenge, Sun Xiang of Team A faces Lin Jingyan of Team B. Sun Xiang is overwhelmed by Jingyan’s veteran experience and loses the duel. While being booed by the crowd, Sun Xiang exits his booth.[14] With Team A winning the Team Challenge, Sun Xiang and Team A win the overall match.[15]

Volume 5: Deception

Sun Xiang attends an Excellent Era team meeting. When he listens to Chen Yehui’s explanation about Lord Grim’s absolute dominance on the 10th Server, Sun Xiang claims that Ye Qiu (Ye Xiu) is a shameful pro God player. Sun Xiang listens to Qin Yu’s opinion that no one knows the stats behind Lord Grim’s mysterious Silver weapon.[16]

In a pro player group chat, Sun Xiang shows up when Huang Shaotian uses “@One Autumn Leaf” to call for Ye Xiu. Sun Xiang is warned by Shaotian to show respect to the retired Ye Xiu, who is the administrator for the group chat.[17] In Loulan Slash's arena room, Sun Xiang watches Huang Shaotian’s Troubling Rain kill Loulan Slash in a duel. In the next duel, Sun Xiang sees Troubling Rain suppress Homeward Bound to death.[18] Sun Xiang watches Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim duel Shaotian’s Troubling Rain.[19] Sun Xiang sees Ye Xiu trick Shaotian to kill a Shadow Clone, which allows Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim to combo Shaotian’s Troubling Rain to death.[20] Sun Xiang studies the recording of Ye Xiu and Huang Shaotian’s duel.[21]

With the other players, Sun Xiang is at an Excellent Era team meeting. Sun Xiang sees the Excellent Era director throw an eSports newspaper at Guo Yang. Sun Xiang is frustrated after the director scolded him, Guo Yang, Liu Hao, and He Ming. This is Sun Xiang’s first experience of club administrators shouting at him.[22] Later, Sun Xiang tells the media that he went to watch because he was suspicious that Lord Grim’s user is Ye Xiu.[23]


During the Season 9 Challengers League Finals against Happy, Sun Xiang lost to Ye Xiu in the Group Competition, as the latter survived with 0.03% HP. This made him question himself on whether he was truly inferior to Ye Xiu. In the Team Competition, he and Qiu Fei were placed in a 2v4 situation against Ye Xiu's Lord Grim, An Wenyi's Little Cold Hands, Bao Rongxing's Steamed Bun Invasion and Qiao Yifan's One Inch Ash. He quickly killed off the latter two since all 4 opponents had little health left. However, he purposely let Qiu Fei get killed off by Ye Xiu's Anti-Tank Missiles, as he thought little of Qiu Fei and that he was only his shadow. He charged against Lord Grim who only has 13% health left, but a Holy Commandment Light and Holy Heal brought him back up to 15% health. Ye Xiu then told him that Glory is never one man's game, to which Sun Xiang concurs in the chat before silently withdrawing from the match.

During Excellent Era's clearance sale, he and One Autumn Leaf joined Samsara for a record-breaking 28 million RMB.


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