Sun Xiang (孙翔) is an eSports player of Glory, who made his debut in Season 7. He is a former member of Conquering Clouds before he transfers to Excellent Era, where he replaces Ye Xiu as their captain. He is also the current user of One Autumn Leaf. Later, he transfers to Samsara prior to the start of Season 10.


He has short, yellow hair with blue eyes with fair skin.


He's rather arrogant as seen by the way he challenges Han Wenqing in the Season 8 All-Star Weekend Rookie Challenge going so far as to declare it a challenge to settle the old grudge between Tyranny and Excellent Era.[1]

He is quick to anger and easy to excite. He goes into situations without thinking them through and just relies on his experience. He falls into 301 Degrees' trap during his Excellent Era debut and didn't consider the possibilities when facing Ye Xiu in the Heavenly Domain.

He later recognizes the importance of being a team player, which brings him to win the Best Partner Award with Zhou Zekai in Season 10.


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