Concealed Light

Luo Ji's summoner Concealed Light from Happy.

A Mage sub-class that is available once a user reaches level 20. They wear cloth armor. Due to a limited amount of skill points, Summoners are split into two sub-classes. Players can choose the spirit build or the elemental beast build.


Staff: A weapon with very high magic attack.

Wand: A weapon with a fast casting and attack speed.[1]


Level Skill Name Description
5 Goblin A skill that enables the user to summon a goblin as a familiar. Goblins have a Rock Throw skill that throws a slow projectile with a 20% chance to stun an enemy.[2]
10 Follow A skill that has the summoned creature follow the user.
15 Mark A skill that enables the user to put a mark at a location, making the summoned creature head to that place. If an enemy is marked, it attacks that marked enemy.
20 Lash A skill that whips a summoned creature, buffing movement and attack speed.
20 Strengthen Creature A skill that buffs a summoned creature's attack and defense.
25 Thunder Spirit A skill that enables the user to summon a Thunder Spirit as a familiar.
30 Fire Spirit A skill that enables the user to summon a Fire Spirit as a familiar.[3]
Ice Spirit
Dark Spirit
Switch Allows the user to instantly swap places with one of their summons.[4]
Small Flying Dragon A skill that enables the user to summon a Small Flying Dragon as a familiar. It allows the summoner to fly with the dragon for a short height.[5]
Undead Knight Summons an undead knight with high defense, high physical attack, and high health. Its huge body can easily protect the user, and the summon uses a spear and shield.
Demon World Flowers The user summons a static flower which is extremely powerful within its attack range. It releases poisonous pollen, using its roots to attack from underground, binding the target with its vines, and its flower petals could devour the target. Only one flower can be summoned at a time.[6]
Young Wyvern Young Wyvern makes up one of the Four Summon Beast. It is the lowest leveled of all four beats with a quick summon time.
Spirit Cat A slender snow-white cat. Spirit Cat have a comparatively larger aggro range, more or less meaning that it's senses were sharper. Spirit Cat makes up one of the Four Summon Beast.
Frost Wolf The Frost Wolf's attacks are physical in nature, but they have a chance of applying a magical freezing effect.[7] Frost Wolf makes up one of the Four Summon Beast.
Thunder Eagle An agile eagle that moves like a streak of lightning. It can spit out thunderbolts. Thunder Eagle makes up one of the Four Summon Beast.
75 Beast King Elemental Formation An ultimate skill that can be activated when all Four Summon Beasts were summoned. It increases the strength of the Four Beats Style.
75 Spirit Sacrifice The ultimate damage skill for a Summoner.[8]

Notable Users

Li Yuan

Luo Ji

Zhu Xiaoping

Notable Accounts

Concealed Light

Eight Notes

Ice of Dawn

Wind Carves


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