Su Mucheng (苏沐橙) is an Esports player of Glory. She is the user of Dancing Rain and Cleansing Mist. She is the current leader of Team Happy and won the Best Partner Award with Ye Xiu from the 4th - 7th Season of the Glory Professional Alliance. Su Mucheng is also known as the best Launcher player in Glory.


Su Mucheng is a beautiful lady in her early 20s with long brown hair (blond in the animation). She has a slim body and is known as the Glory Professional Alliance’s number one beauty. Even if she was thrown into the show business, she would still be considered a rare beauty.[1] She's also one of those with the most commercial value from sponsors.


Su Mucheng rose to be a professional Glory player through Ye Xiu's guidance. She is fond of him and people comment that it seems she is always where he is. With so many years beside Ye Xiu, Su Mucheng has always taken care of him, serving him a cup of green tea when he pulled all-nighters or cooking for him during her childhood days. She ignores taunts from other players, answering them instead with a smile emoji, and then sending them flying.[2]

Su Mucheng is quite humble. Even though she is one of the most popular professional players, Mucheng only wants to play a small role in supporting Ye Xiu.[3]

According to Ye Xiu, Su Mucheng likes the occasional joke.[4] At the Season 8 All-Star Weekend, Mucheng messes with Ye Xiu when she picks his neighboring seats for the High Jump event. If Ye Xiu had been picked, Mucheng could have exposed Ye Xiu's identity as Ye Qiu to the Glory community.[5]

While she was living together with her brother, and later Ye Xiu, she was the one who primarily cooked and was known to be very good at it.


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