A Fighter sub-class that is available once a player reaches Level 20. This class excels at direct confrontation[1] and has some of the lowest attack ranges, requiring them to close in on an opponent to be effective.[2]


Fists: the shortest weapon[1]

Boxing Gloves[2]


Level Skill Name Description
1 Launching Kick A knock-up skill. The user performs a high kick with the right leg.[3]
5 Front Kick A small knock-back skill.[4]
10 Straight Punch A skill that sends the user forward and also knocks the opponent back. It can be used to close the distant between two entities.[5]
Eagle Stamp
Eagle stamp

Eagle Stamp

A skill that moves the user downwards. The user jumps and then kicks down.[6] The height of the user affects the damage and shock wave size. This attack is not limited to one stamp, and can reach 5 stamps.[7][5]
15 Reinforced Iron Bones A defensive skill that increases the user's physical defense and gives Super Armor for 20 seconds. The Super Armored state makes the user immune to knockbacks and stuns, but the increased physical defense only slightly reduces damage.[8]
Cloud Body A movement skill that allows the user to move faster. [9][10]
Whirlwind Kick The user raises their leg and kicks forward causing a wind to shoot from the leg.[11]
Stomach Kick A kick fast enough to produce a sonic boom.
Dashing Jab The user punches the target with strong momentum.[3]
Thousand Ton Drop An attack skill that causes the user to rapidly drop straight down. Provides fast movement in midair which can be used for evasion. [12]
Collapsing Fist A skill that blows away players on the side of the user, while throwing a punch at the target.[3]
30 Empty-Handed Blade Block A dismantling skill that parries an incoming strike, and then counter-attacks. This skill has a 100% chance to hit if the parry if successful, but is difficult to execute. If the player's block fails, then the counter-attack does not initiate.[3]
Dual Tiger Fists
Emperor's Fist An attack skill with immense power and speed. The user crouches into a horse stance with the left hand swaying and the right hand on the user's waist, before punching forward with extreme force, causing strong winds that buffet an opponent even when dodged. This skill has a long cooldown time.[13]

Desert Dust using Emperor's Fist

60 Soaring Tiger An Ultimate skill that swiftly moves the user forward with their feet aimed at the intended target.[11]
70 Ferocious Tiger Flurry An attack skill that sends forth many punches that can be controlled by the user.[14]
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Notable Users

Han Wenqing

Shen Jian

Song Qiying

Notable Accounts

Desert Dust


Seven Fields

Senior Exterminate the Heavens[15]


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