A Swordsman sub-class that is available once a user reaches level 20. Despite being a Swordsman sub-class, they do not excel in close-range combat but instead fare better in mid-range combat as their Wave Formations and Wave Swords are mid-range AOE skills.

The Wave Swords for Spellblades are cast instantly, whereas the Wave Formations require a chant.[1]


Tachi: A weapon with high magic attack, though lower than short swords, but a higher attack speed, which is 7. [2]

Short Sword: A weapon with the highest magic attack, with a usual attack speed of 5.


Plate Armor



Level Skill Name Description
5 Wave Splitting Sword
20 Killing Intent Wave Buffs wave skills.
Wave Wheel Slasher A grab skill that is used to break Super Armor.[4][5]The tip of the blade locks the target in a spell array and casts a Wave Wheel that will slash the target multiple times. If there are any other enemies nearby, the Wave Wheel will also damage them. Once the Wave Wheel finishes spinning, it will explode and cause the target to fly out.[6]
Earthquake Sword A skill that sends a shockwave to the direction it was hit.[7] The user swings their sword with both hands from the ground up, causing a crack in the ground to climb up from whichever direction the sword points to, and chunks of earth fly towards the target.[8]
Electric Wave Formation A cast spell that stores up energy that creates a circular sphere and damages though inside of it. This spell cannot be dodged if a player is inside of the sphere, but can be interrupted before it is casted.

  • At max level, this skill has a range of 15 units.[9]
Ice Wave Formation A cast spell that sends an Ice Element attack at a location. It has a high chance of freezing.[10]
Chilling Sword Pulse A Ice Element skill that shoots shards of ice. It can freeze the enemy.[11]
Fire Wave Sword A Fire Element skill that causes high damage.[12] It has a powerful knockback effect.[13]

Empty Waves using Firewave Sword

Earth Wave Sword The fastest wave sword that has some range.[13]
Ice Wave Sword An Ice Element skill that causes high damage. It has a chance to freeze the target.
Thunder Wave Sword A Light Element skill that causes high damage.
Dark Wave Sword A Dark Element skill that causes high damage.
Waltzing Wave Slash A skill that sends out a slash that arcs around and returns from behind.
Fire Wave Slash A Fire Element skill that causes high damage and has a powerful knockback effect. It is the strongest of the wave slashes and has the highest knockback.
Ice Wave Slash An Ice Element skill that creates ice crystals on the ground that move towards the target.[14]
Light Wave Slash A Light Element skill. It moves extremely quickly.
Earth Wave Slash A Wave attack that sweeps the earth up towards the target.[15]
75 Nebula Wave Slash A skill that sends out waves of magic. By default, the shape of the emitted magic is random, but it can be controlled by the player. It has high priority.
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Notable Users

Liu Hao

Jiang Botao

Notable Accounts

Gray Black

Empty Waves

Total Darkness


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