A Gunner sub-class that is available once a user reaches level 20. Sharpshooter is the second most popular class in Glory.[1][2]

Sharpshooters specialise in using Pistols but they have different styles for using 1 or 2 Pistols. With 2 equipped they are used independently meaning many players aren't capable of duel wielding and those who do have varying degrees of success.[3]

A skilled Sharpshooter will also integrate their body strikes with firing in order to increase DPS and control of an opponent. This is often referred to as Gun Fu.[4]


Revolver: A weapon that has an attack speed of 7 or 8. It can shoot 6 bullets before needing to be reloaded.[5]


Level Skill Name Description
Slide Kick A skill that allows the user to close the distance between the user and the enemy. If times right, it can bring the target down.[6]
Knee Attack/Strike A grab attack that can be used in combination with firing.[7] This skill is an uninterruptible Super Armor skill. The speed is unrelated to the user’s firing speed, but the user's weight will affect its speed.[8]
Punisher A skill that steps on an enemy and shoots bullets at the suppressed target.[9] The skill also negates Quick Recover.[10]
Rapid Firing A buff that increases Attack Speed of the sharpshooters firearms.[11]
Burst Firing A buff that increases Critical Hit Chance of the users attacks.[11]
Curve Firing A buff that causes bullets fired to curve through the air. It has a default arc but can this can also be manually controlled by the user.[11]
Roundhouse Kick A skill that allows the user to swing their leg in a semicircle and strike the enemy with their foot.[12]
Dual Load A skill that allows the user to repeat a skill that is on cooldown.[13]
Firearm Martial Arts A skill used in close combat that combined different body techniques with sudden shooting that is difficult to dodge.[14]
60 Random Firing An skill that shoots in random directions.
  • A player like Zhou Zekai has the ability to turn Random Firing from an AoE to a single target attack and even use it as Delivery Gun.[13]
70 Barrett Snipe A Sharpshooter's most powerful skill. This skill creates a sniper rife and allows the user to aim and shoot at an enemy. The attack has a chance to Penetrate.
  • This skill has a hidden ability: When hit in the head, the bullet will do twice its normal damage.[15]
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Notable Users

Li Ji

Liu Fei

Qin Muyun

Su Muqiu

Wang Chixuan

Wang Ze

Zhou Zekai

Notable Accounts

Cloud Piercer

Fallen Angel

Maple Tree

Negative Nine Degrees

Sea Breeze

Untraceable Bullet

Lower Your head

None Dare Attack

Autumn Tree


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