Qiao Yifan (乔一帆) is an eSports player of Glory, who debuted in Season 8. He is a former member of Tiny Herb and a current member of Happy. He is the former user of Ashen Moon and the current user of One Inch Ash.


He has dark hair and blue eyes. While on Tiny Herb, he wears a bright green jacket.


Qiao Yifan is timid and cautious by nature.[1] He has little self-confidence,[2] but is also a respectful person, considering Sun Xiang his senior despite only a one year gap, and likes taking care of others.[3] Even when people order him around, he doesn't get mad. When Ye Xiu suggested that he try the Ghostblade class, he was excited that such a famous person noticed him. Working hard to improve himself, he listens to advice and is quick to adapt.

From Ye Xiu's encouragement, Qiao Yifan became more confident. However, this confidence led to recklessness, and he challenged Li Xuan even though he had only been playing as a Ghostblade for a short time. Despite losing, through this defeat, Yifan finally began to understand himself and gained motivation to continue on.[4]


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