A Night Walker sub-class that is available once a user reaches level 20. Ninjas are a physical and magic hybrid class. Like Elementalists, skills have a cast time, though their cast time relies on the user's speed of putting in the hand signs needed to cast a skill. The faster the user can put in these hand signs, the faster the cast time. [1]

All Ninja skills either have the prefix of 'Ninja Tool' or 'Ninjutsu'.


Ninjato: A weapon that can be used by any class, but most of its functions can only be used by this class. It can be used as a foothold on any stable vertical object, and has a long rope attached to it, which can be used to pull the blade back.


Level Skill Name Description
1 Annihilation A Ninja's knockup skill.[2]
5 Shuriken A skill that doesn't do much damage, but stuns the enemy.[1]
10 Shadow Clone Technique An instant movement technique that creates a fake body where the original body was previously located, and moves the original body to a different location.[3] The created Shadow Clone does not move and has limited health, so attacking it can make it disappear.[4]
Caltrops A ninja tool. Tiny spikes that are thrown onto the floor. They don't deal a lot of damage, but severely slows down the mobility of those that take damage.
Smoke Bomb A ninja tool. A bomb that fills the area very quickly with smoke. It is mostly used to escape It has a small AoE.[5][6]
35 Underground Tunneling Technique A skill that allows the user to go underground. This move can be used to either avoid an attack or ambush an enemy.[7] This skill requires the Ninjato's hollow sheath as a breathing apparatus in order to stay underground for a while. While underground, the user only has a small limited view above their head, to which they can adjust, but not by much.[8]
Ground Shrinking Technique[9]
Broken Flash A kick that can be used midair. Knocks back an opponent.
Neck Bind Technique A skill where the user throws their arms around the enemy causing low damage.[10] It can only be used on one target at a time.[11]
Body Replacement Technique A skill similar to the Shadow Clone Technique but instead of leaving a copy of the user's character it leaves a scarecrow[12]
Flame Cut A skill that causes the enemy to burn.[11]
Storm Sword A sword buff that allows the user to throw out their sword as spinning blades to attack the opponent at range.[13]
Hundred Streams A crowd control skill that has a low damage output. This skill envelopes the enemy in a water prison, locking the trapped players inside the prison for 30 seconds. It can be broken by an outside figure.[14]
Disappearing Body Technique A skill that allowed the user to blend in with a surrounding for a certain amount of time. At max level, the status lasts for 30 seconds.[15]
Bird Fall A skill that allows the user to land on the ground a lot quicker and damage enemies upon landing.[16]
Storm Shuriken A skill that shoots a lot shuriken's at once in a spread towards one direction.
Cicada Shell Double Slash A skill that uses both the Ninja blade and its scabbard to attack enemies on the left and right of the user. It can be mannually controlled to attack only one target.
Flickering Charge A skill that allows the user to rapidly move forward in a flash.[2]
70 Shadow Dance A skill that creates several shadows. It allows the user to control the shadows freely. The clones have more health than the one from the Shadow Clone Technique.[17]
  • Heart of the Shadow Steps: The marker clone that is being used by the user. If this marker is killed, the user is switched to a different clone and the user is free to switch to other clones.[18]

    Shadow Dance used by Deception

75 Moon-Slaying Sakura The user's Ninjato transforms into broken cherry blossom petals which fly in a given direction and cut through enemies or obstacles in its way.[9]
75 Explosive Flame Dragon The user holds up his their two fingers to formed a triangle, putting it in front of their mouth. A light purple flame is released from their mouth which will immediately start exploding wildly creating a chain of flames as soon as it touches the air.[19]
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