Mo Fan (莫凡) is an eSports player of Glory. He is a member of Happy and is the current user of Deception.


Mo Fan is described as having medium length hair and not being too tall. He is neither handsome nor ugly. He doesn't show expressions too often.[1]


Mo Fan is known as an infamous scrap picker in the Heavenly Domain, who is willing to use dirty tactics to steal equipment from players. He acts as a lone wolf while committing these dirty acts solo.[2] Despite his notoriety, Mo Fan rarely talks with other players online or pays attention to the Pro League. This is shown when he had never heard of Lord Grim before their first meeting.[3]

Mo Fan is a calculated and conservative player. He likes to scrap pick and to run away before being killed for stealing other players’ dropped items.[4]

He rarely comments, but when he doesn't comment, it usually means that he isn't against an idea. If he refuses, he uses a cold "No".[5]

However, Mo Fan can be quite rash. Immediately after being told where Ye Xiu was in real life so that he could join the team, Mo Fan bought a ticket for the first plane to H City for the purpose of telling Ye Xiu "No" to his face.[1]

Mo Fan also takes what his teammates say literally. When Fang Rui asks him to hurry up and finish his match because he wanted to watch a replay, he increased the tempo of his game which made him feel uncomfortable. He ultimately lost the match due to this.

In game, Mo Fan is incredibly cautious and restrained in the early stages of a fight, forcibly whittling away at his opponent's focus and patience (as well as that of the audience) until they've reached the point of no recovery. He also has no hesitance in running away if he thinks that the opponent will recover.[6]


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