Misty Rain (烟雨 Yānyǔ) is an eSports team that is a part of the Glory Professional Alliance.


After Chu Yunxiu joined Misty Rain, the team entered the playoffs in three consecutive years. The team performed well in the regular season, yet they always lost miserably in the first round of the playoffs. As a result, analysts and outsiders noted the team lacked competitiveness and spirit to fight in the playoffs' serious and fierce competition.[1]

During Season 10, the team made a huge change to their tactics at the order of the management. The management invested a lot into the Shu sisters, requesting them to be in the main lineup and even going as far as trying to acquire female Sharpshooter accounts for them. Their tactics became centered around Li Hua, their vice-captain. This led to their core lineup consisting of only 1 closed ranged class, with the others being long range class.[2] Their results became unstable, and teams began exploiting a loophole in their tactics which was first used by Happy. Despite their poor results, their captain, Chu Yunxiu, could not do anything to solve the problem as the club wanted her, Li Hua and the Shu sisters to always be in the main lineup.

Current Roster

Name Class Account Team Position
Chu Yunxiu Elementalist Windy Rain Captain
Li Hua Ninja Dark Forest Vice-Captain
Shu Kexin Sharpshooter None Dare Attack Main Roster
Shu Keyi Sharpshooter Lower Your Head Main Roster
Feng Xiangming Cleric Main Roster
Bai Qi Main Roster
Sun Liang Striker Substitute


Name Previous Class Current Class Previous Account Current Account Season Previous Team New Team
Lu Yining Sharpshooter Sharpshooter Something to Hide Something to Hide 10th Season Misty Rain Thunderclap


Name Class Account Season Retirement Team Position


Misty Castle

Misty Castle is backed by the team Misty Rain. Misty Castle has many experts, but in competitions, the guild appeared weak against similar level guilds. Misty Castle is inconsistent when they do perform well. Some players look down on Misty Castle, who they perceive as soft and weak.[1]

Notable Accounts Class Position
Misty Lock Guild Leader
Hazy Mist 10th Server Guild Leader
Horse Shooter Launcher (Left)



Season 9

Team Individual Group Team Total Result
Hundred Blossoms ?/3 ?/2 5/5 8/10 Win
Heavenly Sword 2/3 2/2 5/5 9/10 Win

Season 10

Team Individual Group Team Total Result
Seaside [4] 8/10 Win
Samsara 1/3 0/2 0/5 1/10 Loss
Radiant [5] 5/5 8/10 Win
Wind Howl 2/3 0/2 0/5 2/10 Loss
301 Degrees Loss
Tyranny 2/3 2/2 0/5 4/10 Loss
Happy 0/3 0/2 0/5 0/10 Loss
Tiny Herb 1/3 0/2 0/5 1/10 Loss
Royal Style 5/5 7/10 Win
301 Degrees 2/10 Loss
Happy [6] 2/3 2/2 5/5 9/10 Win
Void [7] 3/3 0/2 0/5 3/10 Loss
Hundred Blossoms [8] 1/3 0/2 0/5 1/10 Loss
Thunderclap [9] 1/3 0/2 0/5 1/10 Loss



  • Prior to Season 11, Misty Rain was the only team in the Alliance to have a female captain. Their captain, Chu Yunxiu, is the most skilled female player and the best Elementalist.
  • After Shu Kexin and Shu Keyi joined in Season 9, Misty Rain has three female players, which is the most in the Alliance. However, all three of them use male characters.


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