Luo Ji (罗辑) is an eSports player of Glory. He is the user of Concealed Light and a member of Happy.


In comparison to Bao Rongxing, he is a head shorter than him. He isn't thin or looks as if he lacks physical strength.[1]


Luo Ji has an analytical mind. He wrote meticulous, yet restrictive guides on clearing dungeons because of his lack of experience in Glory. The guides reflected his idealized view and required expert execution with no mistakes, which angered readers.[2] Luo Ji is stubborn when his theories are wrong especially in the case of his belief that Lord Grim's party set the Boneyard record with Orange equipment. Luo Ji is in complete denial when he learns that Steamed Bun Invasion has never used an Orange weapon before.[3]

Because of the amount of time and research needed to write the guides, Ye Xiu recognizes him as a really hard working and studious person.[4]


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