Volume 10: Four Guild Alliance

Lu Hanwen meets Blue Bridge Spring Snow in the Heavenly Domain after being sent there by the Blue Rain training camp. Hanwen accompanies them to Scarlet Cloud Taoist Rite to right the Wild Boss Red Ribbon Janna. He enters the area and looks around the scenery. He quickly moves in the area, dodging the aggro range of each of the monsters in a zigzag fashion. A player from Parade shoots at him, and he dodges the bullet skillfully. In the next 10 seconds, he quickly kills the player and continues to rush forward. After Hanwen finds Red Ribbon Janna, he is jumping around the area while waiting for the rest of the Blue Brook Guild to arrive.[1]

Lu Hanwen waits for Ye Xiu and his four guild alliance to show up. Ye Xiu and his group arrive, and Hanwen jumps down from his hiding position near the window. As soon as he lands, he performs a Formless Phantom Blade to divide all the troops. Hanwen notices shortly afterwards that the opposition players are not attacking him back. Instead the players are moving forward while being healed, which confuses him. He meets by Ye Xiu with his Cleric, Little Cold Hands and a small group of players. He introduces himself to Ye Xiu and uses the skill Shadow Steps.[2] Hanwen creates 8 shadows but has little control over all of them. He is easily found out by Ye Xiu. Hanwen tries bringing the shadows back together and scatters them, but he is found out by Ye Xiu again. He is pulled in by a Knight's provoke after trying to engage Ye Xiu. He uses the shadows to form a cover on him, but under Ye Xiu's orders, the Knight uses Roar.[3] After the effects of Roar ends, he is lured by another Roar. This process is constantly repeated, and continues even when they reach the Boss.[4]

Lu Hanwen messages Blue Bridge Spring Snow telling him his current situation, expressing that Ye Xiu has "put a collar" on him. Blue Bridge Spring Snow attempts to rescue him with a Qi Master, a Knight and a few other players. Hanwen points out to Blue Bridge Spring Snow that he uses Falling Light Blade too early. He gains the buff that prevents him from getting taunted again, and instead of escaping by himself, he attempts to break the group of the trap made by the Ye Xiu. He creates eight shadows, and with Ye Xiu managing the attack on Zhang Xinjie and the Boss, he manages to help the group escape.[5]


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