Lin Jingyan (林敬言) is the former captain of Wind Howl and user of the account Demon Subduer. He debuted in Season 2. In Season 9, he transferres to Tyranny after Han Wenqing invites him to join the team. He uses the Brawler account Dark Thunder.[1] He retires at the end of Season 10. He is one of the longest serving players in Glory Pro Alliance with Han Wenqing, Zhang Jiale and Ye Xiu.


At some point after leaving Team Wind Howl, although he is not nearsighted, he begins to wear glasses made of plain glass. Fang Rui believes that he wears them to look "more intellectual," and Lin Jingyan himself seems to like his new look.[2]


He is a gentle person who doesn't bear any grudges, especially when Wind Howl abandons him. Due to being the former Captain of Wind Howl, he is careful with his words.[3]

He doesn't like to talk rudely behind someone's back or use demeaning words about them.[4]


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