Lin Jie (林杰)  is a retired eSports player of Glory and the first owner of Vaccaria. He was the captain of Tiny Herb.


Prior to the Glory Professional Alliance, he was well known inside Glory, along with Swoksaar, Desert Dust, and One Autumn Leaf. He made his debut in Season 1 as the captain of Tiny Herb.

After losing to Excellent Era in the Season 2 playoffs, he decided to give up Vaccaria to Wang Jiexi, and told Fang Shiqian about it. A few days later, while Wang Jiexi and Fang Shiqian were waiting in a room for a press conference, he asked Wang Jiexi to take control of Vaccaria and become the core of the team. After Wang Jiexi agreed, he then asked him to take on the responsibility of the captain, which meant that he would be retiring and leaving the team.[1]

In Season 3, Lin Jie was present in Tiny Herb's opening match against Royal Style.[1]

Skills and Abilities

His skill level was considered extremely mediocre when he was a pro player. It was the lowest among the other gods (Ye Qiu, Han Wenqing, Lu Liang & Wei Chen), and was only comparable to the declining Wei Chen.[1]



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