Li Xuan (李轩) is an eSports player of Glory, who debuted in Season 4. He is the captain of Void and uses Crying Devil. Together with Wu Yuce, they form the well-known Ghostblade duo in the Pro Alliance. He is recruited to the team that will represent China in the international Glory competition.



Li Xuan is ambitious. When he first started as a player, he always wanted to be known as 'The First Ghostblade'. However, that title was disputed between him and his teammate Wu Yuce. Therefore, he thinks that being 'The First Phantom Demon' among so few Phantom Demon players was nothing to be proud about, and he began to feel numb to about it.

Over the years, he changed his goal to become the best player in the Pro League. However, he did not come close to winning anything, and only managed to win Best Partner, which he thinks only occurred because Ye Xiu retired.


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