Chasing Haze

Chen Guo's Launcher Chasing Haze from Happy.

A Gunner sub-class that is available once a user reaches level 20. This class attacks slowly, but has high burst damage.[1] They have the longest range of any class, which normally leads them to make the first move.[2] Balancing their high attack and long range, their close-combat ability is almost non-existent. Launchers have few skills usable at close range. If a Launcher is unable to keep an opponent at sufficient distance, then their defeat is certain.[3]

Players can allocate their skill points to focus on Fire Elemental attacks, Heavy Artillery, etc.[4]


Hand Cannon: A weapon that can only be shot once before needing to be reloaded. It has the slowest attack speed of all Gunner Class weapons. Hand Cannons inflict Area of Effect damage.[5] Launchers are capable of using other weapons, but many of the Launcher’s high damage skills require a cannon to use.[6]


Level Skill Name Description
Swing A knock-up skill.[7]
Gatling Gun
Aerial Fire

Aerial Fire

A skill that allows a user to shoot a machine gun at enemies.[8] The firing rate of this skill depends on the equipment's stats.[9]
  • Gun Shake: The user shakes the gun to scatter the bullets. Using it to hit two or more targets accurately is possible, but it is difficult to accomplish.[1]
BBQ A skill that shoots bullets out that knocks the opponent back. [10]
  • The system does not enforce a knockdown effect on this skill.[11]
Anti-Tank Missile A skill that sends out three artillery shells, in a straight line, at an opponent.[12] A successful hit causes a slight knockback effect and a brief stun.[13]
  • There is another variation to this attack called Tri-Shot. By quickly moving their sights, the missiles are pulled apart. This also expands the blast radius of the explosion.[14]
25 Cannonball A skill that shoots an energy ball at a target. It can store energy, leading it to have increased damage, range, and shockwave.[15]
30 Laser Rifle A skill that does a lot of damage, even more so when it is charged up. When it is charged up, the damage is increased by 40%. The drawback is that it has a strong recoil causing the player to flip over, though this can be nullified by step back. It has the longest attack range in all of Glory.[1]
Armor Crushing Cannon A skill that damages the opponent and lowers their defense. At max level, it lowers the target's physical defense by 30% for 8 seconds.[16]
(FIM 92) Stinger A skill that shoots an artillery shell that breaks into 8 Stingers and falls down.[17]
Quantum Bomb An attack that sends out a powerful shockwave that scales based on how long the attack is charged for.[18] This skill has a strong recoil, requiring the user to move their character a step backwards in order to nullify it. If not, then the character will fall backwards towards the ground.[19]
Flamethrower A skill that deal Fire Element damage. [4]
X-1 Extruder A skill that pulls in enemies hit by it, restricting their movements. The enemy will then fly forward with it and explode once it hits the floor, knocking the enemy to the ground along with it.[20]
Heat-Seeking Missile An attack that brings up the cross-hairs after a finger snap. Wherever the cross-hair ends up, is where the missile will end up.[21] It has a wide explosion radius and does a lot of damage, but is slow.[17]
70 Satellite Beam The Launcher's class ultimate skill. The attack starts off as a single beam that splits into six smaller beams. They begin from the center and spread out moving in a circle dealing massive damage to those in its range.[17]
75 Cyclone Blast
75 Mounted Gun After the skill is used, the Launcher would be fixed to a spot unable to move. In exchange, the Launcher's attack power would be greatly increased and the Launcher's attacks can not be interrupted.
75 Hurricane Cannon As the artillery shell left the cannon, a whooshing sound rang out. After the whooshing sound rang out, a hurricane swirled up, with Launcher's body as the center. In an instant, Launcher was sent flying in the air, as the hurricane rapidly expanded. This intense hurricane seemed to come from the ripples on the body of the artillery shell. [22]
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Notable Users

Chen Guo

Su Mucheng

Su Muqiu

Wu Chen

Notable Accounts

Chasing Haze

Cleansing Mist

Dancing Rain

Dawn Rifle

Endless Flow

Golden Fragrance

Horse Shooter


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