A Priest sub-class that is available once a player reaches level 20. The class has the highest defense of all the classes. In PvE situations, they are normally played as tanks. Because they are a primarily defensive class, very few players in the Professional Alliance use Knights. [1]


Shield - Strengthens defense and absorbs damage. Shields also provide strong resistances to knock-backs, knock-ups, Stuns, Bleed, Dizzy, and other status effects as long as the attack is blocked first. Shield are extremely heavy equipment and weight effects movement speed, attack speed, jump height etc. Shields also have their Durability used up relatively quick compared to other equipment.[2]



Heavy armor. Belt [3]


Level Skill Name Description
Repel A knock-back skill.[4]
Provoke A single target skill used to shift the aggro of an enemy to the user. The target is only able to attack the user for the next 3 seconds.
  • Glorious Provocation: In combination with Knight's Spirit, provoke lasts for 5 seconds and greats a greater aggro.
Descending Phoenix Hammer A skill that causes a shockwave.
Falling Star Hammer A skill that interrupts the enemy.[5]
Roar A skill that is similar to provoke, but instead of a single target, it attracts multiple enemies. This skill has no time limit, and the target has to hit the user once to dispel its effects.
  • Sacrificial Roar: In combination with Knight's Spirit, the range of this skill is increased.[6][7]
Charge Charge: A knockback skill where the users moves forward and swings their shield at a target.
  • Heroic Charge: In combination with Knight's Spirit, the knockback effect is increased and cannot be stopped by anything.
  • Arc Charge: A charge that is moved in curved path instead of straight line.
    • Aerial Curve: An arc charge that curves in the air. To perform this mechanical skill, one just needs to jump when activating charge.
Calm Like Water A skill that dispels provoke and status effects.[8]
Shield Counter A skill whose effect is determined by the skill that is used against it. A direct attack that is countered would be redirected back to the attacker (both damage and effect) based on a certain percentage.[9]
Heroic Leap A skill that deals large amount of damage to a single target, while the enemies around the target receive damage as well due to the shockwave. The target becomes stunned as well.
  • Fair(Just) Heroic Leap: In combination with Heroic Spirit, all enemies receive the same amount of damage, whether it was the single target or those hit by the shockwave.[10][11]
Holy Punishment An attack with numerous strikes sent out by the user.
Maelstorm Counterattack A defensive skill that has a chance to reflect damage back to their users for 10 seconds. The shield is used to absorb the attack, while the sword is used to strike back. The user of this skill still receives damage as they should.
  • Honest Maelstorm Counterattack: Under the effects of Knight's Spirit, this skill has a 100% chance to reflect attacks back to their user.[12]
Spell Reflect A defensive attack that reflects casted spells back to the user.[13]
Firm Defence
Shield Attack A skill that could cause the Dizzy effect.[14]
50 Knight's Spirit A skill that enhances the users skills, massively increases stats and refreshes the cooldown of all the Knight skills.[15][16] It has a long cooldown.[10]
70 Crusader's Trial An attack with 6 levels; at Level 1 the attack makes 3 strikes and the number of strikes increases once per level for a Max number of 8[17]. The first strike has 12x the attack power of a normal attack. After the first strike, damage is calculated through the previous strikes damage + the current strikes damage. The player continues to attack without stopping with a speed not slower than charge.[18]
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Notable Users

Deng Fusheng

Xu Bin

Ye Xiu

Notable Accounts


Cold Night

Crispy Bean

Drifting Water


Flower Lantern

Maple Leaf Shield

Seven Blossom Leaves


Unrivaled Super Hottie

Wolf Head

Three Stones


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