Jiang You (蒋游) is a player of Glory. He is the guild leader of Tyrannical Ambition. On the 10th Server, he uses the account Crowd Lover.



The exact opposite of crowd loving, Jiang You is not an extremely talkative person.[1]

Jiang You is a reckless reactionary in his initial decisions. When Ye Xiu and his party ambushes Tyrannical Ambition members and other top guild members, Jiang You immediately advocates for killing Guild Happy members in retaliation. Jiang You is persuaded against this because his rash decision could destroy the top guilds' reputations and could spark a huge unprofitable war on the 10th Server.[2] In another case, Jiang You dislikes caution especially when he is waiting to ambush Thousand Creations. Jiang You is forced to wait by other guild leaders.[3]


Volume 1: Banished Battle God

On the account Crowd Lover, he joins Lord Grim's group to beat the Frost Forest record for Tyrannical Ambition on the 10th Server. He practices the dungeon with the team a few times. On their record setting run, while scouting their abilities, he suspects Cleansing Mist's real identity after she uses a professional Launcher technique, Delivery Gun. However, he disregards these suspicions, passing it off as a fluke. Together they beat the record with a time of 13 minutes, 5 seconds, and 47 milliseconds, though Jiang You does not think much of it.

Afterwards, Jiang You continues leveling with the group. As the team is chatting he talks with Cold Night in a private chat. He relays his observations: Soft Mist and Steamed Bun Invasion are both newbies, but Lord Grim's abilities are pro level. As they chat, they try to determine Lord Grim's identity. The first thought is that he is Ye Qiu, however they also question whether he could be a member of a club testing out a new weapon—the transforming Myriad Manifestation Umbrella. They settle on the latter idea, and Jiang You tells Cold Night to try and rope the two newbies in. After finishing leveling with the party, Jiang You says goodbye and logs off.[4]

Volume 2: Beginnings of the Myriad Manifestation Umbrella

Jiang You advises Cold Night to ask Lord Grim about the ransom to not set the record clear time for Line Canyon. Jiang You thinks that Ye Xiu has amazing foresight in holding dungeon clear records as ransom for uncommon materials. Jiang You tells Cold Night to negotiate the Line Canyon ransom with Lord Grim.

Jiang You goes to Tyranny's headquarters to ask for help on the 10th Server. He hears Han Wenqing shouting critiques in the practice room. Jiang You loses his courage and walks away from the Tyranny practice room. He decides to look for Zhang Xinjie, who may be serious but not as loud and stubborn as Wenqing. Later, Jiang You leaves the Tyranny building. He thinks about the Tyrannical Ambition teams on the 10th Server, who will make their final Line Canyon dungeon clears. Jiang You wonders what type of record Lord Grim will set at Line Canyon.

On the 10th Server, Jiang You logs on as Crowd Lover and meets with Cold Night. Jiang You tells Cold Night about his failure to talk to Han Wenqing. Jiang You learns that Cold Night will continue to discuss the ransom price for Line Canyon. Jiang You hears from Cold Night that Excellent Dynasty, their absolute enemy, wants to talk face to face with them. Jiang You speculates that this meeting will be about dealing with Lord Grim. After negotiating for three hours, Jiang You sends elite players to join Excellent Dynasty's forces to hunt down Lord Grim and forms a temporary alliance of seven guilds.[5]

Volume 3: Golden Strategy

On the 10th Server, Jiang You exits the Line Canyon dungeon and sees Lord Grim's party fighting a Blossom Valley and a Void Walk team. Jiang You messages Cold Night to send reinforcements. Jiang You and his four Tyrannical Ambition elites save the other guild teams and attack Lord Grim. Jiang You and his team rushes to fight Cleansing Mist, a critical character to Lord Grim's attack. This fails when Jiang You and his four teammates are suppressed by Lord Grim. Jiang You recognizes that Lord Grim's party is using the dead angle strategy, which is to attack opponents' blind spots, and "Screen Cannon," a support tactic to use a long-range Launcher to deal damage.[6]

Jiang You is suppressed to death by Lord Grim and Steamed Bun Invasion. Jiang You revives his Crowd Lover character back in the city. He is angry about his disgraceful death to Lord Grim's party. Jiang You hears from Cold Night that the Tyrannical Ambition forces are rushing to Lord Grim's location. Jiang You learns about Lord Grim's Line Canyon record clear time of 29 minutes, 51 seconds, and 44 milliseconds. He does not think much of the record because Lord Grim's party consists of four level 31s and one level 30 character, which are below the level 33 cap at Line Canyon. Jiang You tells Cold Night to keep the Tyrannical Ambition members chasing Lord Grim on task while Jiang You leads a team to kill the wild boss.

At Line Canyon, Jiang You leads five other Tyrannical Ambition members. He is angry when he sees Lord Grim's fake coordinates of Cliff Ronin Alpine, the Line Canyon Wild Boss, on world chat. When more players arrive at Line Canyon, Jiang You quickly lures the wild boss to a quiet location. Jiang You is excited that his party is overwhelming the wild boss. He is horrified when Lord Grim, Soft Mist, and Steamed Bun Invasion ambush the Tyrannical Ambition party. Following the death of the Blade Master, Jiang You is shocked that Lord Grim's team is suppressing the five remaining Tyrannical Ambition members. Before Jiang You's low health Crowd Lover can drink a potion, he is killed by Lord Grim. Crowd Lover respawns at the city. Jiang You smashes his table in rage and goes to his Striker teammate's screen to look at the situation. Jiang You watches as the Striker is killed by Lord Grim and Cliff Ronin Alpine. Jiang You goes back to his computer and tells Cold Night to form a party to hunt down Lord Grim, who is stuck fighting Cliff Ronin Alpine. Jiang You and his five teammates are killed by Cliff Ronin Alpine and Lord Grim's party.

Jiang You is furious when he sees the system announcement of Lord Grim, Soft Mist, and Steamed Bun Invasion killing the Line Canyon Wild Boss. Jiang You messages Cold Night to kill Lord Grim. Jiang You learns that Cleansing Mist and One Inch Ash are offline. Jiang You is angry when he learns that Lord Grim logged off. Jiang You has trouble sleeping at night. He hates Lord Grim, who is mechanically superior. When Jiang You falls asleep, he has a nightmare, where Lord Grim steals a boss from Jiang You. Jiang You wakes up after four hours of sleep. He cleans up and gets dressed for breakfast. Jiang You, who is an official employee with benefits, goes to the Club Tyranny dining hall for lunch. He greets the staff including Han Wenqing. After eating lunch, Jiang You waits until Zhang Xinjie to finish his lunch before discussing in-game matters. Jiang You explains to Xinjie about the Unspecialized Lord Grim and Lord Grim’s amazing skill. Jiang You learns to prepare accounts for Xinjie to look at Lord Grim later.

After lunch, Jiang You rushes to his workplace to look for a level 33 Cleric for Xinjie. He asks Cold Night for a reserve account, but Cold Night lives in a different city. Jiang You learns that Endless Night’s account would work for Xinjie. Jiang You logs onto his Crowd Lover account to wait at the Line Canyon entrance with Xinjie's Endless Night. Jiang You follows Xinjie’s orders to attack Lord Grim, who dodges the attacks. With a Blade Master, Sharpshooter, and Striker, Jiang You coordinates with Xinjie to suppress Lord Grim.

Jiang You attempts a Falling Flower Palm skill against Lord Grim. He fails when Lord Grim dodges and throws Jiang You’s Crowd Lover away. Jiang You watches as Lord Grim runs away. Jiang You believes that Lord Grim’s mysterious weapon never appeared due to its low durability. He wonders what Tyrannical Ambition needs to do to stop Lord Grim without wasting time and resources. Jiang You learns that Zhang XInjie agreed to a 5v5 team competition with Lord Grim’s team. Jiang You sees the list of uncommon materials that Tyrannical Ambition has to pay if they lose the competition. He is furious when Jiang You realizes that Lord Grim picked up an Amber Crystal from Cliff Ronin Alpine. With Xinjie saying they have a chance of defeating Lord Grim’s party in a 5v5, Jiang You decides to agree to Lord Grim’s bet.

With three other Tyrannical Ambition members, Jiang You joins Xinjie at the Arena. Jiang You sees Lord Grim, Cleansing Mist, Steamed Bun Invasion, and Flowing Tree on the enemy side. Jiang You explains to Xinjie that Flowing Tree is an enemy from the Congee Forest battle. He sees Zero Kills, who appears beside Lord Grim’s team. Jiang You does not know that Zero Kills is a random player, so Jiang You believes this Assassin is a decent player. Jiang You watches Zero Kills, who falls into a lava pool and lose a lot of health. Lava Cemetery has a lot of lava pools. Jiang You follows Xinjie in a charge towards Lord Grim, who charges forward as well. Jiang You and three of his teammates are suppressed into a lava river by Lord Grim's team. Jiang You desperately decides for his three other teammates into a lava river to run in separate directions to escape. Even with the help of Xinjie, Jiang You and his team lose and surrender. Jiang You is furious that he lost. He threatens Lord Grim. Jiang You is confused after losing to Lord Grim’s team. Jiang You learns that Xinjie will bring professional players over in two days. Jiang You and other Tyrannical Ambition elites reinforce Cold Night’s forces. After a tough battle, Jiang You and Tyrannical Ambition kill the Fire Forest’s Fire Witch Cashew.

Jiang You is shocked when Lord Grim’s team is a bunch of random players. Jiang You does not see Flowing Tree, Cleansing Mist, Soft Mist, Steamed Bun Invasion, or One Inch Ash. Jiang You is afraid that Lord Grim’s random teammates might be amazing experts. Jiang You is thrilled by Wenqing’s relentless attacking against Lord Grim. Jiang You watches Lord Grim dodge several skills from Wenqing. Jiang You realizes that the player behind Lord Grim can contend with a God like Han Wenqing.

Jiang You is surprised that Han Wenqing recognizes the player behind Lord Grim. Jiang You watches as the four other Tyrannical Ambition players kill the four random players. Jiang You sees Lord Grim surrender to the Tyrannical Ambition team. Jiang You tells Cold Night to keep good relations with Lord Grim, who is recognized by Wenqing. Jiang You asks Han Wenqing about the player behind Lord Grim. Jiang You is shocked that Ye Qiu is the Lord Grim’s user. Jiang You tells Cold Night about Ye Qiu, the controller of Lord Grim. Jiang You defers the responsibilities to handle Lord Grim and the 10th Server to Cold Night. Jiang You plans to help Tyrannical Ambition set the record clear for Line Canyon.[7] On its first run, Jiang You and his Tyrannical Ambition party set a new Line Canyon record clear time of 27 minutes, 41 seconds, and 24 milliseconds. Jiang You improved on the former record by two minutes.

Jiang You is very happy about his Line Canyon record clear time. Jiang You and his group celebrate with the 10th Server Tyrannical Ambition members for the Line Canyon record. Jiang You is relaxed that Lord Grim did not attempt to break their record clear time. Jiang You is horrified by the announcement of Misty Castle breaking the Tyrannical Ambition record at Line Canyon. Jiang You sees the new Line Canyon record clear of 25 minutes, 21 seconds, and 78 milliseconds, which is a two-minute improvement. Jiang You is furious when he sees Tyrannical Ambition getting disparaged in the world chat. Jiang You challenges a random player to a duel for insulting Tyrannical Ambition. No one responds to Jiang You’s duel challenges.

Jiang You learns from Cold Night that Ye Xiu is selling a guide for the Line Canyon record. Jiang You tells Cold Night to buy Ye Xiu’s guide. Jiang You gets Ye Xiu’s guide from Cold Night. Jiang You sees the amazing genius of Ye Xiu. Jiang You works to integrate Ye Xiu’s strategy into their party, which has a different class composition compared to the guide.

Jiang You studies the Sin City dungeon with the tactics of Ye Xiu’s Line Canyon guide. Jiang You finishes the Sin City guide and sends the guide over to Cold Night. Jiang You is thrilled that the 10th Server team takes the Sin City record with a time of 29 minutes, 34 seconds, and 71 milliseconds. Jiang You persuades Cold Night that Ye Xiu will not be able to break Tyrannical Ambition’s Sin City record clear. Jiang You is frustrated when he sees Misty Castle’s Sin City record clear time of 29 minutes, 33 seconds, and 46 milliseconds, which is a one-second improvement. Jiang You sees Blue Brook Guild’s new Sin City record clear time of 28 minutes, 12 seconds, and 52 milliseconds. Jiang You is shocked. He realizes his overconfidence against Ye Xiu wrecked Tyrannical Ambition’s confidence in 10th Server record clears. Jiang You looks over his guide and wonders what he missed compared to Ye Xiu’s guide. Jiang You accepts his weakness against Ye Xiu. Jiang You orders Cold Night to buy Ye Xiu’s Thousand Waves Lake dungeon guide.[8]

Volume 4: All-Star Weekend

On the 10th Server, Jiang You meets with Liang Yichun and Arisaema. Jiang You agrees with the two other guild leaders to plant spies in Guild Happy. Jiang You and the other guild leaders deal with Ye Xiu’s ultimatum to the spies to stay or to leave Guild Happy. Jiang You is at a standstill on the spies who will leave or who will stay. Jiang You defers to Cold Night to remove the exposed Tyrannical Ambition spies from Guild Happy.

In the group chat, Jiang You calls out Xu Boyuan for revealing Lord Grim’s true identity as Ye Qiu. Jiang You already knows Lord Grim’s true identity, so he is not surprised. When Chen Yehui refuses to fight against Guild Happy, Jiang You believes the rumors of Ye Qiu being forced out of Excellent Era. Jiang You thinks that that Lord Grim suppressing Excellent Dynasty is clear evidence of retribution against Excellent Era, which purged Ye Qiu from the club. In the formal discussion, Jiang You wants to crush Guild Happy by killing them. Jiang You is denied when Liang Yichun explains their respective guilds’ image is not worth tarnishing in destroying a normal player guild like Guild Happy.[2] Jiang You agrees with Yichun to hunt down and kill Thousand Creations to halt Guild Happy’s progress. With the other players, Jiang You moves towards the coordinates of Thousand Creations’s location.

Jiang You is angry that he and the other guilds are too cautious in ambushing Thousand Creations. Jiang You reluctantly waits with Liang Yichun’s advice against attacking. After half an hour, Jiang You does not hear any reports of Lord Grim, Cleansing Mist, Soft Mist, or other elites from Guild Happy. Jiang You and other guild leaders order the attack. Jiang You joins the other ambushers in attacking Thousand Creations. With chaos erupting in the lake, Jiang You is shocked by Ye Xiu’s ambush.

Jiang You is nervous about failing to kill Thousand Creations and Ye Xiu’s party members while Tyrannical Ambition loses every squad member. Jiang You retreats and orders to split up his teams to level. Jiang You leaves the 10th Server to return to the Heavenly Domain. In a group chat with other guild leaders, he complains about the nightmare with Guild Happy. Jiang You jumps out of seat when he learns of Blossom Valley dungeon team’s assassination.

Jiang You is shocked by Xu Boyuan’s belief that Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim will ascend to the Heavenly Domain at level 50. Jiang You wants to take the risky fight to suppress Ye Xiu and Guild Happy on the 10th Server. Jiang You decides to wait until Excellent Dynasty makes a move to suppress Ye Xiu.[9] Jiang You disagrees with Backlight Bomb’s suggestion to have Cold Night negotiate with Ye Xiu. Jiang You sees Cold Night’s message of ceding Thousand Waves Lake to Ye Xiu or paying up uncommon materials to Ye Xiu. Jiang You is angry at the other guilds for being incompetent and leaves the group chat.

Jiang You talks with Cold Night about Excellent Dynasty’s situation on the 10th Server. Jiang You learns about a Tyrannical Ambition elite, who is assassinated on the 10th Server. Jiang You wants to ally with Ye Xiu to destroy the other top guilds on the 10th Server. Jiang You is advised against this by Cold Night, who wants to be more cautious. In the end, Jiang You tells Cold Night to have Tyrannical Ambition players to stay together and to continue to work with Ye Xiu.[10]

Volume 5: Deception

Jiang You sits back and waits for Excellent Dynasty to fight against Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim.[11]

Skills and Abilities

As noted by Ye Xiu, his hand speed is lower than Steamed Bun's. However, since he has been playing Glory for a long time, he is well-versed on the mechanics of the game.[12] While dungeoning in the Frost Forest, his role was to maintain a balanced damage output. To do this is impossible in practice, so even when he made deviations in damage, he quickly adjusted it.

Jiang You is considered as one of his guild's experts.[13] He is a top-tier experienced veteran from the Heavenly Domain.[14][15]




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