Jade Dynasty (诛仙, Zhū xiān) was an eSports team of the Glory Professional Alliance.


Former Roster

Name Class Account Team Position
Lin Yi Blade Master Ten Thousand Swords Captain
Lu Shilin Cleric Main Roster
Ghostblade Anxious Ghost Main Roster
Zheng Shengcao Berserker Severed Yearning Main Roster
Spellblade Main Roster


Name Class Account Season Team Position
Zhang Jian After Season 3 Captain


Name Team Position
Xiao Jie CEO



  • They were eliminated in Season 2 after the Alliance put an elimination system into effect in the same season.
  • They won the Challengers League for Season 4, after which their captain retired and they were eliminated in the same season.
  • The team won the Challengers League for Season 6, and once again got eliminated in the same season.
  • Due to the team entering the Pro Alliance through Challengers League numerous times, they are known as 'Revival King'. [1]
  • Captain Zhang Jian refused any transfer offers that came to him.
  • Xiao Jie, a famous author known by An Wenyi and a fan of the team since its inception, became the CEO of the team for the Season 9 Challengers League and brought along Lu Shilin as well as former captain Zhang Jian. The team became well-funded through his financial resources.[2]
    • After the team got eliminated by Happy, he lost his temper and told every member to pack up and leave the team.[3]
  • Ye Xiu invited Lin Yi and his team to join Happy and help them in the guild.
    • Lin Yi and two other team members decided to join them and help them in the guild.
  • Lu Shilin tried to punch Ye Xiu after he lost because of jealousy, but Wei Chen stops him.[3]
  • The team's name comes from the novel Jade Dynasty (诛仙, Zhū xiān).
    • The author of the novel Jade Dynasty is Butterfly Blue's friend, and he used this as a team name to tease him.


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