Horse Shooter is a former Misty Castle guild member. He is currently a member of Guild Happy, and is an elite veteran player of Glory.




Volume 4: All-Star Weekend

After a video chat, Horse Shooter is persuaded by Su Mucheng to leave Misty Castle and to join Guild Happy.[1] With the enemy running to the shore, Horse Shooter fires his cannon. He knocks four out of the five enemies back into the water.[2] Under Ye Xiu’s orders, Horse Shooter retreats from Thousand Waves Lake. Horse Shooter moves out on his own to find enemies to ambush. With Ye Xiu's party, Horse Shooter goes to Sin City. With Ye Xiu’s party, Horse Shooter runs the Sin City dungeon three times to reach the limit. Horse Shooter logs off to rest.

Horse Shooter joins Ye Xiu and Thousand Creations to dungeon at Thousand Waves Lake. With Ye Xiu’s strong mechanics, Horse Shooter easily clears the dungeon. After the five-day penalty of switching guilds, Horse Shooter officially joins Guild Happy. In the Thousand Waves Lake, he is surprised to see how Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng work together. Horse Shooter is thrilled to dungeon beside his idol, Su Mucheng. Horse Shooter and the party break the Thousand Waves Lake dungeon record clear with a time of 30 minutes, 25 seconds, and 41 milliseconds.[3]

Horse Shooter admires his name on the Thousand Waves Lake dungeon record. In the next two dungeon runs, Horse Shooter and Thousand Creations occasionally make mistakes, which prevents the team to improve their previous record clear time. Horse Shooter joins Ye Xiu to break the Gloom Forest’s record clear time. On the first three dungeon runs, Horse Shooter and the team fail to break the record clear time. On the next day’s final dungeon run, Horse Shooter and the team break the Gloom Forest dungeon record clear. Horse Shooter helps Ye Xiu repeatedly break the previous records, and Guild Happy monopolized the top 10 spots of the Gloom Forest dungeon record standings.[4] After achieving ten record clears, Horse Shooter is bored of the Gloom Forest dungeon. Later, he starts leveling up.[5] During the Spring Festival, Horse Shooter is not online.[6]

Skills and Abilities


  • Horse Shooter idolizes Su Mucheng, who is a fellow Launcher player.


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