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Han Wenqing (韩文清) is an eSports player of Glory. He is the captain of Tyranny and the user of Desert Dust. He is considered Ye Qiu's true rival in the professional scene.[1]


According to Feng Xianjun, the chairman of the Glory Professional Alliance, Han Wenqing has an extremely aggressive appearance, to the point of looking like a violent criminal.[2]


He was said to be a really stern and harsh person who is feared and respected by everyone around him.

It was once said that he told his own boss to "F*ck off" because he was interrupting his lecture to the team. The boss didn't hold it against him.

He was also very passionate on his job as a professional gamer and also as Tyranny's captain.


  • Han means "tamp" (韩).
  • Wenqing means "arts, culture, language, writing, script, character, formal ritual, literary/literary composition, certain natural phenomena, gentle, refined, paint" (文) (wen) and "clear, clean, distinct, quiet, Qing Dynasty, thoroughly, completely" (清) (qing).