Guan Rongfei (关榕飞) was originally a member of Excellent Era's technical staff. However, after the team went bankrupt, he followed Ye Xiu to Happy where he conducts research on the Myriad Manifestation Umbrella and other Silver Equipment. He is the first person to research lowering level requirement stats on Silver Equipment, despite that stat being extremely common in common equipment.



Guan Rongfei is not very sociable and does not like to greet people.[1] He is not conservative when it comes to using rare materials to conduct his research. He also likes to be extremely careful when conducting his research. This can be seen when he opts to use only rare materials for the Myriad Manifestation Umbrella upgrade as he thinks it is safer.[2]

Guan Rongfei is also extremely hardworking. For example, if an idea comes to him, he would work until he is done with it. This can be seen when he missed his train home for New Year's as he was completing An Wenyi's Cleric Equipment. He also has an extraordinarily high IQ.[3]




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