Season 6 of the Glory Professional Alliance


Defending Champions: Tiny Herb

New teams: Duskfire, Jade Dynasty


Summer Window

Player Account Transfer From Transfer to Transfer Fee
Yu Feng Brilliant Edge - Blue Rain -
Deng Fusheng Angelica ? Tiny Herb ?
Zhou Yebai Rangoon Creeper - Tiny Herb -
Du Ming Curved Blade Cold Moon - Samsara -
Jiang Botao ? - Parade -
Xu Bin Tide - 301 Degrees -
Lu Boyuan Chaotic Cloudy Mountains - Samsara -
Jia Shiming ? Tyranny Royal Style ?
He Ming Emotionless Magic - Excellent Era -
Zhu Xiaoping Wind Carves - Hundred Blossoms -

Winter Window

Player Account Transfer From Transfer to Transfer Fee
Jiang Botao Empty Waves Parade Samsara ?

Individual Player Awards

MVP: Huang Shaotian (Blue Rain)

Best Newcomer: Yu Feng (Blue Rain)

Best Partner: Ye Xiu & Su Mucheng (Excellent Era)

Regular Season


Quarter Final Semi Final Final Semi Final Quarter Final
Tiny Herb Tiny Herb Tiny Herb Blue Rain Blue Rain Blue Rain

Tyranny (Semi), Excellent Era, Void (quarter), Misty Rain (quarter), Hundred Blossoms, Samsara (quarter)

Quarter Finals

Semi Finals


Champion Roster

Name Account Class
Yu Wenzhou Swoksaar Warlock
Huang Shaotian Troubling Rain Blade Master
Yu Feng Brilliant Edge Berserker
Zheng Xuan Bullet Rain Spitfire
Song Xiao Receding Tides Qi Master


  • Players that made their debut in this season are referred to as the "Support Generation".
    • This is due to none of the players in this generation becoming the core of the team in their debut
  • Yu Feng is the first player from this generation to become the core of a team.


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